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How To Play Addiction Solitaire


How do I play Addiction Solitaire?


Object of the Game:

Create a row for each suit, where each row starts with the 2 on the left and ends with the king on the right. The aces are removed after dealing, so the rightmost column will be blank when you correctly place all of the cards. The four blank spaces are used for "moving" cards in the game.

How to Play

Click the START button to start the game. After the deal, the aces are removed to create 4 blank spaces. The player will move a card into one of these blank spaces until the all of the cards have been placed in the way described in the Object of the Game. Only one card can fill one of these blank positions, and that is the one which follows by value and suit the card to the left of the empty position. For example, if there is a blank position to the right of the four of clubs, only the five of clubs can be moved there. There is one exception to this rule: deuces may only be placed in empty positions in the leftmost column (it does not matter which suit goes in which row). A card that is capable of moving is highlighted in gold. When the mouse is placed over a highlighted card, the available blank position will then highlight as well.

Three reshuffles are allowed for times when you get stuck. Be careful: empty positions to the right of kings can not be filled! Reshuffling affects all cards not in their proper position (starting from a 2 on the left, cards are in their proper position if they are connected to the deuce via a chain of cards to the left of descending value within the same suit). The "Slide" option becomes available once the player positions all 2's in their correct locations in the leftmost positions. The "Slide" function shifts every card that is not in its proper position to the right as many spaces that are available in its row. This opens up positions to the right of cards that are in their correct placement. Each player only gets one "slide" per game so use it wisely!


You get 1 GV Reward for each card that is in its correct position. If you win the game, you will receive a bonus 25 GV Rewards plus an additional 20 Rewards for each slide and shuffle remaining. If you do not win the game, you will still keep the Rewards you have earned by placing cards in the correct position as long as your score is at least 10. For every 5 games that you win, you will fill up the "Bonus" section with 5 chocolate covered strawberries and receive an additional 200 GV Rewards.


Click on a card to move it into its place. If there are multiple spaces for a card to move to (such as two empty deuce spaces in the left-most column), the card you click on will take by default the first empty space (moving vertically, from right to left).