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How To Play Frantic Fish

Quick Rules With Screenshot 

Frantic Fish is a free, massively multi-player bingo-style game with chat. Win points by matching your numbered fish with your numbered clam shells. Win GV Rewards by making bingo lines and finding gold coins! Each game's top scorers win bonus GVs.

How to play Frantic Fish

  • In Frantic Fish, you race to accumulate points by matching your numbered fish with your numbered clams.
  • Make bingo lines -- that is, matches that are five-in-a-row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally -- to earn game points, GV Rewards!
  • Click a clam to drop the matching numbered fish at the top of that column into that clam.
  • Click "More Fish" to get your next assortment of fish.
  • Drag and drop Bonus Fish into the matching numbered clam in any column.
  • If your Bonus Fish does not match any numbered clam, you may drag and drop the Bonus Fish into the fish bowl in the lower right hand corner of the screen to earn bonus GV Rewards at the end of the round.
  • Purple Wild Fish will sometimes appear in the Bonus Fish area.
  • Drag and drop the Wild Fish to any empty clam to place it.
  • You only have a few seconds to make your matches so act fast!
  • Note: It is possible for time to run out while you're dragging a fish somewhere on the screen. In that case, you will lose your turn and your fish will not be placed.
  • Click AUTO DAUB to have the computer automatically drop regular numbered fish into the matching clam.
  • Even with auto daub turned on, you must still manually click and drag the Bonus Fish and Wild Fish into their respective clams.
  • Gold coins are dropped at random into the Bonus bowl. You don't need to do anything with these coins -- the points are added to your score automatically!
  • During the main Frantic Fish game, you can exchange GV Rewards for Tiki Tickets to play for bonus GV Rewards.
  • To win on a Tiki Ticket, match your Fish to Poke's fish.
  • Each Tiki Ticket costs 50 GVs.
  • Potential Tiki Ticket prizes: 100 GVs, 250 GVs, 500 GVs, 1000 GVs, 5000 GVs
  • Odds of winning a prize on a Tiki Ticket: 1 in 3
  • Your first Tiki Ticket in each game is on the house :)
  • Tiki Tickets may be purchased at any time during a Frantic Fish game. If you do not play the Tiki Ticket before the game ends, we will automatically play the Tiki Ticket for you and reveal your prize won (if any).

Points and GV Rewards in Frantic Fish are awarded as follows:

Game EventPrizes (prior to May 4, 2011)New Prizes (as of May 4, 2011)
1 Gold Coin 1,000 bonus points + 5 GVs1,000 bonus points + 250 GVs
1 Bingo line10 GVs500 GVs
Be in the Top 5 when the game ends250 GVs750 GVs
Be the #1 player when the game ends250 GVs1,000 GVs
Discarded Bonus Fish into fish bowl N/A 25 GV Rewards per discarded Bonus Fish