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How To Play Fruit Frenzy

How to Play - To win in Fruit Frenzy you must complete the board (6x6 or 9x9) so that there is only one of each kind of fruit per line, column, and box.
  • You can drag a fruit from the tray to any unoccupied square to place it
    • Alternately, you can click on the piece to be dragged and then click on the desired square to place it instead
    • You can also replace a fruit with another but first clicking on one fruit (whether in the tray or on the board) and then it's desired occupied square (or dragging)
    • The replaced fruit returns to the tray
  • If you get stuck, you can use a 'Hint'
    • Each hint fills in a square with the appropriate fruit
    • You are limited to 2 hints on easy and 4 on hard.
    • Each unused hint is worth 50 GVs, even if you lose
  • The game ends when the board is correctly filled out or the timer runs out
  • If the timer runs out you will be able to try again and choose a different difficulty