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How To Play Fruit Frenzy

How to Play - To win in Fruit Frenzy you must complete the board (6x6 or 9x9) so that there is only one of each kind of fruit per line, column, and box.
  • You can drag a fruit from the tray to any unoccupied square to place it
    • Alternately, you can click on the piece to be dragged and then click on the desired square to place it instead
    • You can also replace a fruit with another but first clicking on one fruit (whether in the tray or on the board) and then it's desired occupied square (or dragging)
    • The replaced fruit returns to the tray
  • If you get stuck, you can use a 'Hint'
    • Each hint fills in a square with the appropriate fruit
    • You are limited to 2 hints on easy and 4 on hard.
    • Each unused hint is worth 50 GVs, even if you lose
  • The game ends when the board is correctly filled out or the timer runs out
  • If the timer runs out you will be able to try again and choose a different difficulty


In Fruit Frenzy you earn entries into a daily $5 sweepstakes drawing. The winner(s) for each game will be the first to have a win claim validated by Gamesville and who complies with these official rules and the Gamesville Official Rules. All taxes, duties, fees and all other items not specified herein are the responsibility of the winner. No substitution or transfer of prize permitted.

I won! When do I receive my check 

Winnings are paid as checks, in U.S. dollars within sixty (60) business days after Gamesville's receipt of the completed affidavit and release. Winnings checks are mailed via the U.S. postal service to the confirmed mailing address on file with Gamesville. Note: If a potential winner cannot be contacted, is ineligible, fails to claim a prize, fails to register a proper and current mailing address with Gamesville, or fails to return a completed and executed affidavit and release, within sixty (60) days of the win event the prize will be forfeited.

Please be advised that any prize returned to us as undeliverable will be considered forfeited and will not be reissued -- so please make sure your address is correct! If you're not sure if your address is correct (or, "deliverable" as the U.S. Postal Service puts it) please confirm that the U.S. Postal Service understands your address by visiting their official site atzip4.usps.com. From that site (for free) you can enter your address and they will provide your ZIP + 4 in the results. Be sure to use that address format for your mailing address in our system. If you live in Canada, verify your address through canadapost.ca and if you're from the United Kingdom, verify your address through RoyalMail.com.


How to Enter and Play

To enter the Promotion, log on to Gamesville at http://www.gamesville.com and follow the directions set forth in the registration area. You will be asked to provide your name, address, email address, and date of birth and other information. Once you have completed the online registration process, you can play any Gamesville Game. After you have registered as a Gamesville Member, to play any Gamesville Game visit http://www.gamesville.com, sign-in and click on your selection.