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How To Play Magic 21

Quick Rules With Screenshots 

Magic 21 is fast-paced, online game show where you race the clock (and other players!) to create columns of cards totaling 21.

Each time you make 21, you have a chance to reveal either GV Rewards or the GV Rewards jackpot. (What are GV Rewards?)

How to play Magic 21?


How to Enter and Play

To enter the Promotion, log on to Gamesville at http://www.gamesville.com and follow the directions set forth in the registration area. You will be asked to provide your name, address, email address, phone number and date of birth and other information. Once you have completed the online registration process, you can play any Game. After you have registered as a Gamesville Member, to play any Game visit http://www.gamesville.com and click on your selection.

  • The Magic 21 game board is composed of five columns.
  • Each game begins with a single card already in place in each of the columns. The cards are different for each player.
  • Every few seconds a new card is drawn for all players; every player gets the same card.
  • Each player then must decide which column to place the drawn card in, to get that column to total 21 without going over.
  • You may choose not to place the drawn card and skip that hand, but you may not "go back" to that card once the next card is drawn.
  • If you get stuck, click the "Clear Column" button at the bottom of a column to remove all cards from that column.
  • Every time you get 21 in a column, you earn points which count towards the scoreboard AND you unveil EITHER a random amount of GV Rewards loyalty points OR the Gv Rewards Jackpot prize.
  • The "Next Card" timer tells you how many seconds you have to place a drawn card.
  • The "Game Ends" timer tells you how much time remains in the current game.
  • When the current game ends, it is followed by a brief intermission; then a new game begins.
  • Every game without a GV jackpot win, the jackpot GV prize increases until it reaches the maximum prize of 7,777 GVs (Seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven).

Please note, Gamesville operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The times found on the winners page are based on the GMT time zone, and not the winners respective time zone. Please be sure to read the official rules for each game for more details.

If I enter a game late, do I have less of a chance of winning?

Your odds of winning the prize are not diminished if you enter the game after it has already started because the prize is not dependent on your score. To win the prize, you need to create a column equal to 21. This will reveal either GV Rewards or GV Rewards Jackpot prize, and can happen at any time, on any turn.

How do I score bonus points in Magic 21?

Magic 21 is a game of luck and skill. Here are some tips on increasing your chances of scoring higher and revealing more GV Rewards:

  • One-Eyed Jacks: Place a Jack as the first card in a game column. Then place an Ace on it to get bonus points (and collect GVs).

  • Suicide Kings: In Magic 21, the Suicide King is the King of Hearts. You need an Ace and King of Hearts combination to get the Suicide King bonus. (A good hint is to reserve your Ace columns and King of Heart columns to make this combination.)

  • 5-Card 21: If you can place five cards in a single column, you can clear it (and GVs) even if the column doesn't total 21. However, you do not earn game points for doing so.

  • Lucky 7s: Place three 7s in a single column to make 21 to earn bonus points (and reveal GVs). Hint: Once you start a seven column, do not place any cards but sevens in that column. Try to keep at least two columns of sevens in any game. In addition to winning the Lucky 7 bonus, this will also set you up for a Streak which will earn you even more points.

  • Streaks: These can be difficult to set up, but can be very rewarding. A streak is when you are able to clear multiple columns in a row. For example, if you clear one column, and then clear column with the next card to come down, then you will have a streak of 2. The longer you can continue a streak, the higher your bonus points. Streaks trump everything else in terms of gaining points, so if you're on a streak in Magic 21, use your Ace cards to continue the streak even if it is not a One-Eyed Jack or Suicide King combination.

I get stuck in the Intermission and can't see the "Play Now" button!

Magic 21, Quick-Draw Poker, Gold 21, and other games may behave quirkily if your Zoom or magnification settings are set above 100% in Internet Explorer or other browsers. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

If your game looks like this:

Then you need to adjust your Zoom or magnification settings.

To change those settings...

  1. Click the Zoom option on the bottom border of the browser window.
  2. A popup menu will appear with various magnification settings. Select 100%, and your game will render normally!