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How do I play Quick-Draw Poker?

Quick Rules With Screenshots 

Play live video poker against other people!
Each turn, you're playing 7 hands at once--so the rewards can be great, but so can the losses. A win on one hand can be canceled out by a loss on another hand. At the end of the game, you keep the GV Rewards you won. Be the game's top scorer to win DOUBLE the GV Rewards! (What are GV Rewards?)
Draw the special Jackpot Card to win the GV Rewards Jackpot prize! This can happen at any time, on any hand.

How to play Quick-Draw Poker?

Quick-Draw Poker® Official Rules


How to Enter and Play

To enter the Promotion, log on to Gamesville at http://www.gamesville.com and follow the directions set forth in the registration area. You will be asked to provide your name, address, email address, and date of birth and other information. Once you have completed the online registration process, you can play any Gamesville Game. After you have registered as a Gamesville Member, to play any Gamesville Game visit http://www.gamesville.com, sign-in and click on your selection.

  • Race against the clock--and other people--to create winning poker hands using the cards you're dealt.
  • Each game consists of 20 timed turns.
  • You play SEVEN hands per turn.
  • Each hand is served from its own 52-card deck, and each of the seven hands on a turn has the same initial five cards.
  • Each turn, all players receive the same initial five cards, but may draw different cards.
  • You place a wager on each turn, and that wager is multiplied by your 7 hands in that turn.
  • Every player receives 100 GV Rewards at the start of each game to use as a wager.
  • Bet denominations are:
    • 1 GV Reward
    • 2 GV Rewards
    • 3 GV Rewards
    • 4 GV Rewards
    • 5 GV Rewards
  • At the end of the game, whatever GV Rewards you end with, you keep.
  • You must play the game all the way to the end in order to claim the GV Rewards won in that game.
  • To play, click on the cards in your Hand that you want to "Hold".
  • Clicking one of the BIG cards holds ALL of the cards in that position and turns it face up.
  • All cards in the matching position match the larger card at the top.
  • Click "DEAL" to submit your bet and get your new cards.
  • When the clock runs down (and/or you click "Deal") the old cards are replaced by new cards automatically.
  • If you don't click "DEAL" in time (or you choose to not click Deal because you don't want to place a bet on that hand), you skip that hand and no GV Rewards are won or lost.
  • The player who has won the most GV Rewards at the end of the game wins 2x their total GV Reward winnings for that game.
  • To win the stated GV Rewards Jackpot prize, draw the special JACKPOT CARD on a turn.
  • The Jackpot Card is a special Joker card and is not used to construct a playable hand.
  • When a game ends it is followed by a brief intermission, then a new game begins.
  • The odds of winning depend upon the number of individuals participating.
  • Quick-Draw Poker runs around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I had the highest points at the end of the game; why didn't I win the prize?

In Quick-Draw Poker, winning the prize and winning the game are two different things.

To win the game, you need to have the most GV Rewards accumulated, coming out of the final turn. For having more GV Rewards than anyone else playing, you receive a special 2x multiplier.

For example, if you have 1,000 GV Rewards on your final turn and are #1 on the high score list for that game, you'll walk away with 2,000 GV Rewards!

To win the prize, you need to draw the special Jackpot card. This can happen at any time, on any turn.

If I enter a game late, do I have less of a chance of winning the prize?

Your odds of winning the prize are not diminished if you enter the game after it has already started because the GV Reward Jackpot prize is not dependent on your score. To win the prize, you need to draw the special Jackpot card. This can happen at any time, on any turn.

I get stuck in the Intermission and can't see the "Play Now" button!

Magic 21, Quick-Draw Poker, Gold 21, and other games may behave quirkily if your Zoom or magnification settings are set above 100% in Internet Explorer or other browsers. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

If your game looks like this:

Then you need to adjust your Zoom or magnification settings.

To change those settings...

  1. Click the Zoom option on the bottom border of the browser window.
  2. A popup menu will appear with various magnification settings. Select 100%, and your game will render normally!