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Gamesville.com - Help - Java Console


I've been asked to give customer service a "Java log" or "Java Console Output". What is that, and how do I provide it?


Java is a programming language created by Sun Microsystems, designed to run on any operating system (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, etc.). Almost all of Gamesville's games are created using Java, so you can play them in your web browser using the Java Virtual Machine.

The Java Virtual Machine contains a console that can provide a log, or transcript, of what the Java Virtual Machine is currently experiencing. If you're having trouble playing a game, your Java log can provide clues that can help us narrow down the issue and resolve it.

To activate your Java console and obtain its Java log:

  • Start loading a free Gamesville game such as Magic 21.
  • Look for the Sun Java icon (it looks like a coffee cup) in your system tray near your computer's clock.
  • Right-click the coffee cup icon and choose "Open Console" from the resulting menu.
  • Click the "Copy" button.
  • Paste the copied text into a reply to customer service; be sure to send it as a response to your existing ticket so customer service has all of your information in one place. This will enable them to respond to your inquiry faster and more effectively.

Don't See The Sun Coffee Cup Icon?

If you do not see the Sun coffee cup icon in your system tray near your clock, then you either do not have the latest version of Java, or you disabled the icon from being displayed.

To enable the icon again, simply go to your Control Panel, click "Java", then on the Advanced tab, click the plus sign (+) next to Miscellaneous and check the box next to "Place Java icon in system tray".

Click the "OK" button and follow the instructions above to provide us with your Java log.

On a Mac?

If you're playing games using Safari, and you need to send customer service a Java log, go to Applications > Utilities > Java > Java 1.x > x Plugin Settings to activate the Java Console. Now, the Java Console will show up whenever Java is active in Safari.

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