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Thousands of dollars in prizes available, all for free

WALTHAM, Mass. - October 1, 2010 - Your calendar might say today is "October" -- but at Gamesville, this month is CASHTOBER!

News Facts

  • Play games at Gamesville.com to win GV Rewards loyalty points.
  • Exchange GV Rewards for entries into special sweepstakes.
  • During Cashtober, the traditional daily prize is increasing 4x from $25 a day to $100 a day.
  • Starting October 4, the normal $100 weekly sweepstakes prize is increasing 5x to $500 for the remainder of the month.
  • One lucky winner will win the top Cashtober prize: $1,000 cash

Multimedia Elements

Please use this link to access the Cashtober sweepstakes
Please use this link to access the full list of Cashtober GV Rewards prize winners
A special graphic celebrating Cashtober:

Quote, attributable to Christopher Cummings, product director, Gamesville

"Don't tell our accounting department -- but all month long we're celebrating Cashtober by jacking up the prizes in our daily, weekly, and monthly GV Rewards sweepstakes!"

Quotes, attributable to Gamesville members...

Tinaro1967 of Barrie, Ontario, Canada

"I'm not surprised about Cashtober because Gamesville just keeps getting better and better every day. Thanks, Gamesville, keep up the great work -- it's much appreciated."

Alaskanqtpa of Cambridge, Illinois

"Great ghosts! I love the Cashtober fun -- woohoo!"

About Gamesville.com

Gamesville.com is the world's premiere online game show destination. Dedicated to fun, breezy interactive entertainment, Gamesville.com offers free massively-multiplayer game shows that pay winners a multitude of cash and merchandise prizes. Gamesville.com is home to such popular (proprietary) game shows as The Bingo Zone®, CatchUp CoverAll™, and Magic 21 Jackpot™ and Super Chef™. For more information please visit www.gamesville.com.

Press Contact

Christopher Cummings
(781) 370-2739


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