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Fast-Paced, Massively Multi-Player, and Free -- It's Poker On Steroids

BOSTON, Mass. - June 28, 1999 - Gamesville.com, the Internet's leading game show site and database marketing company, today introduced Quick-Draw Poker™, the latest entry in its roster of original, massively multi-player online game shows.

"Quick-Draw Poker leaves old-fashioned video poker in the dust--it's fast-paced, massively multi-player and it's free," said Steven N. Kane, CEO of Boston-based Gamesville.com. "It's poker on steroids."

Gamesville.com's Quick-Draw Poker, a variation on regular draw poker, pits thousands of players against each other in uniquely huge scale, real time games starting every ten minutes around the clock. Players are awarded points for hands, which are ranked according to traditional poker rules, and can win prizes ranging from $500 to $1500 cash.

"Drawing on the enormous success of our other game shows, we're betting that Quick-Draw Poker is going to be Gamesville.com's biggest game show yet," added Kane.

About Gamesville.com

Gamesville.com is the Internet's leading game show site and database marketing company, with over 1.45 million registered people visiting Gamesville.com to play the world's largest real time, massively multi-player game shows and win prizes for free.

Named by MediaMetrix in The Wall Street Journal as the "stickiest" site on the Internet, Gamesville.com has been chosen by brand name advertisers such as Virgin Atlantic, eBay, J.C. Penney and SmithKline Beecham to target specific demographic, geographic and psychographic profiles using the most accurate and diverse database on the Internet.

Popular Gamesville.com game shows include The Bingo Zone®, Picturama™, CatchUp CoverAll™, PopQuiz™ and Sports Madness™. All games on Gamesville.com are free to play upon completion of a brief membership form. No downloads, plug-ins or special hardware or software are required. To see what the buzz is about, visit www.gamesville.com.

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