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BINGO ZONE® DEBUTS ON WWW: Internet's First Realtime Multi-User Game Is Easy, Fast, Fun

BOSTON, MA - June 20, 1996 - Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year at http://www.bingozone.com, The Bingo Zone is "The Interactive Game Show" - an online bingo game where hundreds of players compete with one another simultaneously. Because it is advertiser supported, The Bingo Zone is always free to play (so isn't gambling) yet pays winners $5, $10 or $20 per game. Games begin every thirty minutes.

The Bingo Zone uses essentially the same rules as ordinary bingo. Players just fill out a brief registration form then play and win to their hearts contents. (To protect privacy, individual registration data is not provided to advertisers or third parties.)

The Bingo Zone is the first real-time, multi-user game on the Internet - yet has been designed to be instantly usable and fun for computer novices. No additional software is required. Anyone with an Internet connection and "browser" software can, within moments, begin playing and winning.

Plus, The Bingo Zone is fast. Though it is as colorful as any site on the Web, there is no tedious waiting for screens to draw. Graphics - everything - has been optimized for fluid, furious fun.

The Bingo Zone marks the debut of nineCo, Inc., formed in 1995 by Steven Kane and Stuart Roseman to create interactive entertainment. "We don't want to educate our users," says Kane, "We want them to educate us. About what they like and don't like to do in their leisure time - computer-related or not - and about where they're at now with technology. The Zone is isn't the cutting edge of technology, it's the cutting edge of fun. It's as simple as a TV game show. We're after people's attention spans and spare time, not their desire to learn bits and bytes."

"We assume the average person has a 486 or a Mac Performa - and hasn't read the manual," says Roseman, "The best description of the Zone is from one of our players: he said it's his favorite thing to do while talking on the phone."

"If people want it, we've got an easy help guide online," says Kane, "But my bet is, it's going to gather digital dust."