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Media Kit

Media Kit : Site Tour | Press Releases | Advertising

Gamesville specializes in massively multiplayer online games shows. Like TV game shows, our game shows are free to play, give winners prizes, and are supported by sponsors. But unlike TV--where only a handful of players play while the rest of the world watches--at Gamesville, everyone plays.

That's because our patented, "large arena" game engine allows thousands of players to compete in realtime--simultaneously.

To play in our game shows, players must complete our registration form--which they do happily because otherwise we can't send them their winnings!

This provides rich, deep marketing opportunities in an environment where players accept, even embrace, advertising because, like a TV game show, our advertisers allow us to pay out cash prizes all day long, every day of the year.

The Gamesville experience is composed of three primary components:

Game Shows

Examples of Gamesville's massively multiplayer game shows include Bingo Zone®, Magic 21™, and Three-Eyed Bingo™. Each game show functions as follows:

Pre-Roll Video Ad

As each game loads, players are exposed to a 15 second - 30 second video ad or display ad.

(Tip: This is a great place to advertise because the player's attention is focused entirely on this screen.)

Game Show

The example above is from the Bingo Zone, our massively multiplayer bingo game where thousands of people can compete, simultaneously, against one another to win real cash prizes.

Each game experience lasts about six minutes, with a 90 second commercial break between one session ending and the next one starting. New games start every few minutes, around the clock.

Each of our game shows can be customized to seamlessly integrate sponsor brands. And our game shows have no "separation of church and state" issues. So, like sports and event marketing, we allow sponsors to associate directly with the activities.


E-mercials = Interstitial Programming

Many sites display interstitial ads. But Gamesville is the only site with interstitial programming.

Confused? Actually, it's simple.

Broadcast TV is interstitial programming: regularly scheduled programs which are periodically interrupted by several minutes of commercial messages. It's literally the same at Gamesville.

Like TV shows, Gamesville game shows are offered on a predictable schedule--each game experience designed and programmed to last just a few minutes--with a commercial break between one game ending and the next starting.

This is a singular opportunity to be in front of a captive audience...

With video ads...

Or interactive, rich media...

Or even a survey you'd like them to complete!

No dimension size limits. No file size limits. No limits to the number of files. All HTML and rich media formats are OK.

Ads/pages/sites/displays may be served by a sponsor, or by a third party server, or we will serve them from Gamesville.

Got a question about our E-mercial? Assume the answer is "CAN DO".


Gamesville Times

Twice per month, Gamesville distributes its e-mail newsletter, the Gamesville Times, to its registered players.

The Times typically includes 1-2 sponsor ads, interspersed with the newsletter editorial content.

Ads may be text only (one headline + one URL + 50 words text) or graphical display ads.

The Gamesville Times has its own editorial material and voice. It is not just a shill to come back to the site (though, of course, it has elements of that). Some items in the newsletter do not appear elsewhere--for example, humor pieces, stats, and tips on how to play and win games.

Gamesville Times ads only go to "opt in" addresses--recipients who are voluntarily on the mailing list.

We carefully, continuously check and recheck all e-mail addresses in our database, so what we call "deliverable addresses" are just that--e-mail addresses which are current, valid, and will not "bounce".

Because we require registration, all advertising at Gamesville, including the Times e-mail ads, may be targeted according to demographic and geographic profile.

Contact Us

Want more information about advertising on Gamesville? Or have questions about how we can meet your advertising goals? Contact us today.