Gamesville has the best games.

Bingo Boosts make the games more fun!

It's also the quickest way to win bingo.

Gamesville's Bingo Boosts make the game more fun by helping you to play faster and earn more GVs per game. Plus, it’s the only way to complete the GV Collection. It works like this:

1. When the round starts the boost is in the loading phase.

2. Make 3 successful daubs to activate the Boost.

3. Click the boost icon to drop a boost onto your game boards.

4. The boost then has a cool down time where any daubs will not count towards the next boost. Watch you balls and memorize which squares you need to daub.

5. When the boost is in the loading phase again daub your squares and click the boost when you activate it.

6. The new To earn boost rewards, successfully daub a square with a boost icon in it.

Here is the list of Bingo Boosts:

Free Square - Just as it sounds this boost will automatically daub a random square on all open game Boards. This takes you one step closer to winning bingo. This is the only boost that doesn't have to be successfully daubed to receive it.

The following boosts are placed on your game boards. To receive the reward you must successfully daub the square with the boost in it.

GVs - This boost give you extra GVs, which is more chances to win the sweepstakes.

Instant Win - The most powerful boost of all. When you daub this icon you win instant bingo. This is how some players win bingo with just a few numbers called.

CV Collection - There are 5 collection items. The only way to get them is through the boost. Daub the squares with these icons to win mega GVs.