Official Rules

  1. ​Every week we offer a new, free sweepstakes. New sweepstakes are premiered every Monday at approximately 5pm Eastern Time and will end the following Monday at approximately 4pm Eastern Time.

  2. Sweepstakes prizes will never exceed $25 ARV (approximate retail value). And we promise, we will try like heck to keep prize values much lower than that, while remaining entertaining and weird, and silly enough to be worth a minute of your time to stop by daily and enter.

  3. To enter and win, you must be 18 years of age or older and have a mailing address in the USA  or Canada. If you win and we determine (at our sole discretion) that you are not eligible to have entered, we will declare your entries void and give you a raspberry while twinkling our fingers from our ears and award the winning prize to someone else, who hopefully is eligible.

  4. All you need to enter is a valid email address. If you are a winner, we will require you to prove your eligibility and provide us with your real age, name, mailing address, phone number, and an image of yourself suitable for publication on the Gamesville website and elsewhere (as a Cheap Stakes Sweepstakes Winner.) If you cannot prove your eligibility, or fail or refuse to provide us with the necessary identification and address information and picture within 3 days of being notified by email, your entry and win will be void and we will select another winner.

  5. Winners will be selected by us, by random drawing, after each sweepstakes period ends.

  6. Multiple entries are allowed, but there is a maximum of one valid entry per calendar day. Calendar days are from 12:00am to 11:59pm, Eastern Time. To enter more than once you must return to on another calendar day (not on any calendar day when you have already entered) and enter again. If you enter more than once in any calendar day, you will only be allowed one valid entry on that calendar day. You may also receive multiple entries by using the “Refer A Friend” function on the Sweepstakes web page, and by using the link in the Cheap Stakes Sweepstakes confirmation email. Each friend you refer will earn you three additional entries in that week’s drawing.

  7. By entering the Gamesville Cheap Stakes Sweepstakes, you are also granting us permission to use your name and likeness in our marketing (as a Cheap Stakes Sweepstakes Winner) and also to add your email address to our marketing email lists. After receiving any promotional/marketing email from Gamesville, you may immediately unsubscribe from the Gamesville email lists at any time.

  8. If you think this is a silly, trivial, nonsensical time-wasting activity that barely qualifies to even be called a game, well, yeah, we do too. But stay tuned. The good stuff (including B-I-N-G-O) is coming!

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