How to Play Bingo

The Board

Bingo is played on a 5 by 5 board where each square is filled with a number. The columns are titled by each letter spelling BINGO. First column is B and last column is O. Every column has 5 squares with a number in each square. There are 15 possible numbers for each column. Column B is 1 through 15, column I is 16 through 30, column N is 31 through 45, column G is 46 through 60 and column O is 61 through 75.

The Bingo Pattern

Traditional bingo patterns are any row, any column, 4 corners and either diagonal. This scheme gives multiple ways to win. The Bingo Zone uses a single pattern for each round and it changes from round to round. Also, there is a cover-all or blackout game where you daub every square on the board to win bingo.

The Ball Calls

The Bingo Caller will call out the row and number for a square. You can refer to the ball history to see all the balls called. When in doubt, click the square to see if it has been called. On Gamesville there is no penalty for that.

Daub your squares

When the Bingo Caller calls out a number that is on your board click the square to successfully daub the square. If the square now has a colored ball in it then you were successful. If the square does not change, then that number has not been called. You can refer to the ball history to see all the balls previously called.


When you get the winning pattern checked off first, then you win bingo. Look at you, you're a winner. If you didn't win first bingo, you can win second, third or other bingos in the round. Every game has multiple bingos to win. Gamesville has a bingo counter which shows how many bingos are left in the round.

Bad Bingo! What is that?

You clicked the bingo button when you didn't have bingo. No major penalty, just a short time out until the next ball. Make sure you daub all the squares in your pattern. The ball might be called but you also need to daub the square.

What makes Gamesville different

Gamesville currently has two bingo games available: the Bingo Zone and Bingo Dash. Both games are played differently. Also, we use Bingo Boosts to make the game a little more exciting. To learn how to maximize the boosts Click Here.