Gamesville brings back great online bingo.

The Internet's first and greatest game site has returned from the dead! Gamesville has been wasting your time since 1996, a startling 25 years ago. And what a fun waste it has been, playing cool games and winning prizes. Gamesville was, and will be again, a destination for playing exciting games where you can win real prizes and have fun doing it.

Starting with the same game we started with the first time, The Bingo Zone! A classic bingo game where the pattern changes every round. Get first bingo and win the biggest prize. Plus you will be number one on the leader board.

And introducing Bingo Dash! A faster, more fun version of classic bingo. The ball caller has had her coffee and is calling the balls a little fast (possibly too fast). It’s a fun game worthy of your precious time.

Join us! Register to play fun games and get your blood pumping. Every round is a winner where you get GVs. Win the round and you win the most GVs. The more GVs you have at the end of the week the better chances you have at winning a prize. Play as much as you want and you'll have to play often to get on the top of the leader board. Best of all redeem them for fabulous prizes.

Stay tuned for more great casual games. Magic 21, Frantic Fish, Fast Draw Poker, Sudoku, Dice and more.