Treasure Of The Apes

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Play Treasure Of The Apes Online For Free

by Victoria Woods

Jan 18, 2024

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Left, Right & Down Arrow Keys: Move
Up Arrow Key: Jump

Treasure of The Apes is a retro-inspired, free-to-play platform game that will bring a smile to your face.

If you’re here on Gamesville, we’re sure you’re here to waste your time playing the best free games, and this classic arcade game won’t let you down!

Whether you’re a veteran gamer reminiscing the golden era of arcade games or a new player exploring the roots of gaming, Treasure of The Apes offers a nostalgic platform experience for all.

Treasure Of The Apes: The Basics

Treasure of The Apes is a throwback to the quintessential platforming genre, embracing a retro theme with pixelated graphics.

The game’s objective is straightforward yet compelling: navigate through various hazards, including barrels, fires, and spikes, to reach a banana at each stage’s end.

Its simplicity is its charm, providing a clear focus on skillful navigation and quick reflexes.

How To Play Treasure Of The Apes

The mechanics are intuitive for this free online arcade game.

You move using arrow keys or ‘WASD’ controls, with specific keys for moving left, right, jumping, and climbing ladders.

The game layout includes score and life indicators, a level number display, and a pause button with sound control options.

Scoring in Treasure of The Apes is based on completing levels swiftly, jumping over barrels, destroying barrels with hammers, and eating fruit.

Each fruit is worth 500 points, and starting each level with 5900 bonus points adds a fun yet frustrating race against time.

Treasure Of The Apes Strategy

Mastering Treasure of The Apes requires strategic movement and timing.

The game’s three levels increase in complexity, challenging players to avoid hazards and utilize barrels and platforms wisely.

Quick reactions and planning are crucial for advancing without losing lives.

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