Whack A Mole Champ

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Play Whack A Mole Champ Online For Free

by Kristina

Jan 18, 2024

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Enjoy the classic and timeless challenge of Whack A Mole Champ online.

This beloved arcade-style game captivates with its simple yet riveting gameplay, appealing to both youngsters and adults yearning for a dose of nostalgia.

The essence of this game? A frenetic race against time to whack moles emerging from their burrows, sprinkled with the twist of dodging deceptive bombs.

A perfect digital pastime for those who want to waste their time with wholesome entertainment.

Whack A Mole Champ: The Basics

If you enjoy playing arcade games online for free, Whack A Mole Champ should certainly be on your shortlist!

Your mission in this classic carnival game is to strike as many moles as possible within a 30-second timeframe, using either a mouse click or a tap of your finger.

You can have endless fun trying to beat your high scores, as it gets saved automatically in your browser.

How To Play Whack A Mole Champ

Get mole-whacking on any device. On desktops, a simple left click will suffice, while on touchscreen devices, a quick tap is all you need to whack those moles.

The game has 9 holes, and you’ll never be quite sure whether a mole or a bomb is going to pop up!

There are 3 different types of moles, as well as a bomb. The bomb doesn’t end the game but it does reduce the time on the clock.

Here’s how the scores are broken down:

  • Normal Mole = 10 points
  • Mole With Hard Hat = 20 points
  • Mole With Viking Hat = 30 points + 3 extra seconds
  • Bomb = 3 minus seconds

Whack A Mole Champ Strategy

Mastering Whack A Mole Champ demands more than just quick reflexes.

You need a sharp eye to make every whack a calculated decision. Normal moles only take one hit, but the moles with hats take multiple hits.

Bombs can also pop up immediately after a mole so, if you’re whacking multiple times to get the points and extra seconds from the

Viking mole, then you could get burned when you don’t notice you’ve got the points and the bomb’s popped up!

I still think it’s worth going for those moles because they give you additional seconds on the clock.

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