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Drag & Drop: Move Letters

Are you a word game enthusiast or just in the mood for a fun and challenging game that you can enjoy online for free?

Look no further! Wordmeister is an exciting Scrabble-inspired game that lets you create words and battle against the computer.

Wordmeister: The Basics

Wordmeister is a word tile game, quite similar to Scrabble, where players use letter tiles to create words on a 15×15 board.

The objective is to form words that read left to right or top to bottom, crossword-style.

Players score points based on the letter values and bonus squares on the board.

The game offers 8 avatars to choose from, and it has unique bonus squares that are arranged in a diamond pattern rather than intersecting at the center, as seen in traditional Scrabble.

The game is played against a virtual opponent, and your goal is to outscore your digital competitor.

How To Play Wordmeister

Playing Wordmeister is just like Scrabble.

The game starts by randomly selecting a player to go first.

Players are given 8 tiles each and must use them to form words on the board, beginning from the center star, which offers a double word score.

Players can form new words that connect to existing ones, but all words must be valid according to the game’s built-in dictionary.

To play, you can either use your mouse or your fingers on touchscreen devices to drag and place the letter tiles.

The game provides several helpful buttons such as play, swap, skip, shuffle, and a tutorial button to guide you.

The goal is to keep forming words until you or your opponent runs out of tiles or valid words to create.

The winner is the player with the highest score at the end.

How To Win On Wordmeister

To win at Wordmeister, you need to focus on creating longer words and utilizing bonus squares effectively.

Longer words and rare letters like Q, Z, and X yield higher points.

Additionally, using bonus squares such as double letter, triple letter, double word, and triple word scores can significantly boost your score.

Here are the meanings of the different colored tiles:

  • Blue = Double letter score
  • Green = Triple letter score
  • Orange = Double word score
  • Red = Triple word score

It’s crucial to avoid leaving easy word extensions for your opponent and to swap out difficult-to-use letters like X if they hinder your progress.

The key is to strategize and make the most out of each turn.

Wordmeister Strategy

Winning at Wordmeister requires a mix of offensive and defensive strategies.

  • General Tips: Go for longer words and refresh your deck faster. Hold on to crucial letters and use blank tiles sparingly for words using 7-8 tiles.
  • Opening Moves: Deploy higher-scoring words early on and aim for bonus squares. Avoid discarding tiles unnecessarily.
  • Prefixes, Suffixes, and Hooks: Utilize prefixes like RE-, UN-, IN-, and DE- and suffixes like -S, -D, -ING, -ED, and -ER to form longer words. Hooks like Y can change entire words in one move and complicate your opponent’s play.
  • Short Words: Learn short words like OH, UM, and QI to fill gaps and create multiple short words at once.
  • Swapping Tiles: Swap tiles strategically to enable higher scoring words instead of short words.
  • Blank Tiles: Save blank tiles for endgame unless you can score 20+ points using them earlier.
  • Defensive and Offensive Strategy: Avoid leaving new letters near red squares for opponents to score high. Prevent opponents from using easy word extensions and swap out hard-to-lay letters towards the endgame.

Gamesville Verdict: Is Wordmeister A Good Game To Play For Free?

Wordmeister is the perfect game if you want to play Scrabble but don’t have anyone to play with.

You don’t need to convince anyone else to play with you, because you’ll go up against the computer.

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