Instagirl Nikki Dress Up

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Play Instagirl Nikki Dress Up Online For Free

by Victoria Woods

Feb 29, 2024

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Instagirl Nikki Dress Up is a stylish dress-up game that invites players into a world of fashion and creativity.

It’s ideal for younger gamers who are passionate about styling and the glamour of fashion photography.

With this game, you get to experience what it’s like to be an Instagram influencer called Nikki.

You get to curate her outfit, choose her hair and makeup, coordinate the photoshoot, and post the final pic to her feed.

Instagirl Nikki Dress Up: The Basics

Instagirl Nikki Dress Up is a dress-up game based in the world of influencer fashion and photography.

It allows players of any age to dive into the role of a stylist for Nikki, an Instagram model, selecting her hairstyles, eye colors, and outfits.

How To Play Instagirl Nikki Dress Up

You can play Instagirl Nikki Dress Up on your phone or your computer.

Use the mouse or touchscreen to do her hair, makeup and choose outfits for Nikki.

Once you’re happy with the final look, guide Nikki into a photo studio, where you can experiment with different poses and capture stunning photographs.

Gamesville Verdict: Is Instagirl Nikki Dress Up A Good Game To Play For Free?

Instagirl Nikki Dress Up offers a delightful and engaging experience for those interested in fashion and styling and the world of influencer photography.

It’s a perfect choice for a relaxing and creative pastime, accessible for free.

Once you’ve mastered Nikki’s looks, you will want to look for a free dress up game with more options.