Online Games To Play On Gamesville When You’re Bored

Not every moment of the day has to be productive, and playing an online game can be the perfect antidote to boredom.

If you’re looking for a game to help you entertain yourself when you’re bored, there’s no better place than Gamesville.

After all, we’re proud to say we’ve been helping millions of people waste their time since ‘96!

Whether you love puzzles, shooting games, arcade games, or racing games, we’ve got something fun (and free!) for anyone who’s bored out of their mind.

If you can’t face even more boredom scrolling through our selection of games to choose something, I’ve ranked my top 10 favorite Gamesville games to play.

These games are perfect for any moment of the day when you want to shut off your brain and be taken away into a fun fantasy land.

Stop feeling bad about doing nothing and dive into these games that cure your boredom with unicorns, zombies, robots, and lots more.

Visual representation of casual online games to play when you're bored, with game figures and characters on a sunset background.

1. Lightspeed Challenge

If you ever had a Nokia phone back in the early 2000s, you’ll love wasting your time on this nostalgic online version of the classic Snake game.

If you didn’t have a Nokia and feel like you missed out on what truly was a worldwide cultural phenomenon, then this is your chance to make up for it.

In Lightspeed Challenge, you have to guide an ever-growing light beam through a grid dotted with microchips.

Do this without crashing into the walls or yourself, and watch your laser get longer and longer.

This technology-themed game offers endless hours of mindless fun.

This game isn’t complex or particularly difficult, but it does get harder the longer your laser beam grows.

And you can make it much harder by raising the speed to x2.

Whether you like to take risks or take it easy, you’ll be stuck to your screen as you attempt to fill up the whole grid with your light, feeding it with colorful microchips.

2. Yatzy

For a more interactive game, you can play Yatzy against a virtual opponent.

This old-school dice game of strategy and luck can keep you busy for hours as you attempt to get the highest scores possible.

I always tell myself I’ll be strategic but any plans go out the window and I end up scrambling to fill up my higher-ranking categories at the very end.

What can I say? The poker-themed bottom categories have higher scores and are packed with wildcards, including the namesake, Yatzy, which are more fun to chase than the number categories.

Will I get a full house? A small straight? Four of a kind?

Or will that roll turn into a big, fat, red ZERO?

The anticipation (and sometimes regret) keeps me glued to my screen as my opponent and I take turns rolling the dice.

It’s a bit like a family game night without all the yelling and groaning and having to find the fallen dice under the table.

3. Slingshot Unicorn

If you were addicted to Angry Birds when it first came out, then you will love this delightful fantasy version of the popular game.

Except instead of angry birds, you’re sling-shotting happy unicorns, and instead of pigs, you’re toppling trolls.

The unicorns (and the trolls) are so cute, you’ll almost feel bad launching them and killing them.


From the sounds of glee the unicorns make when you fling them to the trolls’ ugly smiles, you’ll love going through the levels of this aim-and-shoot game.

Choose the trajectory of your slingshot and send those unicorns flying for nonstop fun as you topple the trolls hiding in flimsy structures. (They think they’re sooo smart!)

The levels in Slingshot Unicorn become increasingly harder as you advance, and once you get through all of them, you can start all over again, challenging yourself to use up the least amount of unicorns each time.

Can you beat every level using just one unicorn?

4. Chomp Chase

There’s a reason arcade games are still popular today, even though new technology has made much more complex and sophisticated games available.

There’s just something endlessly fun about a simple game that challenges your skills and makes you laugh and scream out loud.

And that’s what Chomp Chase does: it makes you forget about the world around you as you guide your little robot head through a maze while it eats pellets and avoids killer spiders.

Inspired by the classic Pac-Man, this game will have you scrambling to hide from the enemy as you try to survive each level.

But don’t be fooled– it may be a simple premise but it’s not as easy as it looks!

Eat the spiders while they’re blue and avoid them when they’re in full color. And remember you have to eat up all the pellets in the maze before you can move on to the next level.

5. Stupid Zombies

For a shooting game that isn’t all gore and tense music, try out Stupid Zombies.

The main idea is you’re a cool, laid-back zombie-slayer with limited ammunition and you need to kill a bunch of (you guessed it) stupid zombies.

But it’s not as easy as aiming and shooting.

The zombies have a good layer of protection against your bouncing bullets.

They hide behind barrels, planks of wood, and other obstacles like trap doors that only open for a few moments after you shoot strategically placed buttons

Your own shots won’t hurt you, but you do have to consider the angles because they’ll rebound and give you the opportunity to hit multiple dumb zombies with a single shot.

Or you might just end up wasting a shot and watching it bounce around until it fizzles out.

With a huge amount of levels to get through, this game will keep you entertained for ages.

6. Backgammon

This is another great classic game you can play against an opponent, testing both your strategic skills and luck.

Going back to ancient Persia and Mesopotamia, Backgammon has been entertaining bored people for literally thousands of years.

The objective is to move your 15 checkers around the board, from your opponent’s section into yours, and clear the board of your guys first.

Will you spend your rolls on blocking your opponent or advancing your progress? There needs to be a balance if you want to win.

But be careful about going too heavy with your offense, because any checkers left on their own can be eaten by your opponent, forcing you to start again and lose precious time in the race to the finish.

Who will clear their board first? Whose checkers will spend more time in jail? Who has the better strategy?

If you’re looking for a challenge, Backgammon will energize and challenge you when you’re bored.

7. Candy Blast

For a more simple kind of excitement, try this Candy Crush-inspired game that will hypnotize you with all sorts of colorful candies and happy music.

Move the candies vertically or horizontally to group them in clusters of at least 3 and watch them disappear from the grid as you rack up points.

As the game progresses, get a boost from special symbols like chocolate-covered treats and striped hard candies.

And because the grid keeps filling up as the candies vanish, it offers (almost) never-ending fun!

Once all your candies are gone, move onto the next level and discover new symbols in this sugary candy land.

8.Kart Racing Pro

If racing games are your thing, Kart Racing Pro will keep you going…unless you run out of fuel.

Drive your sweet little bear along a racetrack, pick up the extra fuel cans on the way, and boost your speed with the symbols painted on the road.

Trust me, it might be cute, but this game isn’t as easy as it looks! It took me a while to get a good handle on the controls and I kept missing the fuel cans at first, leaving me stranded mid-race.

To win the race, you need to keep your gas full, hit the boosters, and outrace all the other teddies in their colorful race cars.

You’ll find that time speeds by as quickly as your bear does with this adorable, fun racing game that challenges your navigation skills and strategy.

9. New York Jigsaw Puzzle

For a more relaxing experience, check out this classic jigsaw puzzle with images of the Big Apple.

Personally, I’ll choose the most challenging setup (5×5 pieces) so it’s not too easy, and start snapping the pieces together.

I love the calming music that takes me back to hanging out and solving jigsaws with my grandma on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and the simple pleasure of putting the image together.

There is no pressure in New York Jigsaw Puzzle, only relaxing, time-wasting fun reminiscent of the old days of analog table games.

10. Word Finder Pro

If you’re into word puzzles, this alphabet soup is a great choice to entertain yourself while you work out your brain.

It’s a simple premise: find all 15 words listed in the word jumble.

They will appear horizontally, vertically, backwards, and forwards, but rarely (if ever) diagonally.

What makes Word Finder Pro slightly more challenging is there isn’t necessarily a theme to the words, just a random selection of vocabulary.

Admittedly, it’s not the toughest brain puzzle out there, but it still forces you to use your head.

Are These The Best Games To Play When You’re Bored?

Gamesville has hundreds of free games available but I think these are the best ones to play when you’re bored.

When I’m feeling uninspired, unchallenged, or just ready to unplug, these games offer the remedy.

Plus, they’re stimulating enough to push-start my brain and get me out of that boring rut!

I ranked the games according to how entertaining, addictive, and engaging they are to play when I’m bored, and how successfully they make time just slip away.

Do you agree with my list? Did I miss your favorite? What’s your go-to game to amuse yourself when you’re bored?