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Gamesville offers several options for online gamers, including the popular numbers game known as keno.

This game is easy to play and allows you to select up to 10 numbers to see if you can earn a win.

Ethel is an older relative of Poke, the mascot of Gamesville, who is hoping she will pull the right numbers for you to land a GV Rewards prize.

Side bets are also an option, which can lead to even more reward wins.

Read on to learn more about this unique game with details on how to play and bonuses connected to the game.

What We Like About Playing Keno

What We Don’t Like About Playing Keno

Would We Play Keno At Gamesville?

I would play this game at Gamesville as it offers a unique spin on the classic numbers game.

I wish more than 10 numbers could be selected, which would add to larger prize potential.

The side bets give way more wagering potential, with several to pick from.

Is There a Sign-Up Bonus For Keno?

Gamesville does not include a specific sign-up bonus for keno players.

The site gives its members GV Rewards, and you can earn the rewards while playing free online games at the site.

Keno offers GV Rewards for winning number combinations.

Use the rewards you earn to add badges to your account to show how skilled you are in games.

Does Keno Play For Real Money?

You do not deposit money to play games here, so you cannot win real cash.

The only prize you can win is GV Rewards.

The amount you can earn is based on your chosen game and the bet and prize amount.

What Is the Secret To Winning Keno?

If you are playing keno, you want to win, but how do you pick the right numbers?

Are there tricks to winning this game?

We can provide a few tips below to help you hopefully increase the win potential per round.

Can You Play Keno On Mobile Apps?

Keno is easy to play on an app.

There are no special controls or complicated rules.

You just pick your numbers and place any side bets. If you win, the GV Rewards are added to your account.

Apps can be played on Android and iOS.

App Features Include: