Top 5 Hardest Online Games On Gamesville

Many of us just want to chill and play a free online game that’s easy, fun, and colorful.

But for others, the monotony of clearing a Candy Crush grid just isn’t enough; they need a real challenge.

Here at Gamesville, we’re proud to say we’ve been wasting your time since ‘96.

Scroll through our full game library, you’ll see that it’s full of undemanding entertainment; a perfect selection of easy, time-wasting games.

However, you’ll find that some of our games deceivingly provide quite a challenge and we’ve ranked these 5 hardest games on Gamesville.

Keep reading to find out why we love them, hate them, and love to hate them. These games demand critical thinking, technical skills, and strategic gameplay.

Illustration of the hardest games on Gamesville

1. Snake Blockade

Snake Blockade is a quick-moving puzzle game that challenges not only your dexterity but also your strategic thinking skills.

It’s not an easy game to master and we think you’ll be hitting that restart button over and over trying to beat it.

Snake Blockade: The Challenge

Basically, you have to guide a snake through a labyrinth of numbered blocks. Sounds simple, right?

It’s not.

Your snake starts out with 5 sections, displayed as yellow dots, and you need to add more dots to it as you move through the blocks.

So what’s the challenge? Each block you go through will remove sections from your snake according to its number.

For example, if you hit a 1, you’ll only lose 1 section. But if you hit a 5, well, you’re starting over.

Many of the blocks are unavoidable but you can maneuver your snake to hit the lowest numbered blocks. Or you can try, in any case.

What Makes Snake Blockade So Hard

The fact that the snake moves quickly is part of what makes it so hard, because you have to think ahead, and fast, to figure out which way you’re leading your snake through the maze.

What makes it even harder is that the stars and dots you can eat on the way to grow your snake and boost your lives are usually placed right under the highest numbered blocks.

This means that you often have to choose between capturing them and potentially killing your snake.

As you advance, the numbers on the blocks get higher, making it increasingly more difficult to successfully navigate the course.

2. Drift Boss

Ok, listen. Admittedly, Drift Boss is, at its core, a very basic driving game that seems straightforward and easy.

But in reality, you’re driving a hot dog car over a slick, winding road where black holes and puddles suddenly appear as you’re fighting the wind with a simple two-key control.

And that’s where the challenge begins: staying on the road as you fight these external forces.

We love the nostalgic simplicity of the game, hate how deceivingly hard it can be, and love to hate how often we fall off the track and have to start over.

Drift Boss: The Challenge

Because you only have two control options –steer right or left– the technical aspects of this game are easy.

But you need some serious skills to drift without falling over the edge or into a black hole.

Try to make it as far as you can without falling while racking up points.

What Makes Drift Boss So Hard

The fact that you’re driving a hot dog on wheels is what makes this game hard. Because it behaves like you would expect a hot dog to behave on slick, windy, winding roads.

The fact that the potholes, thunderclouds, and gusts of wind can sometimes appear out of nowhere with little warning adds to the fun and the difficulty.

You have little time to prepare while you’re already contending with tight turns and slippery ice patches.

3. Queen Of Pop

Music lovers can get seriously hooked on Queen of Pop, a game of rhythm and timing similar to Guitar Hero.

Though the gameplay itself is easy, the challenge of hitting the right key at the right time is what makes this a hard game to master.

We love the musical aspects of it, hate how hard it is to hit the keys on the beat, and love to hate how often we mess up and have to start over.

Queen Of Pop: The Challenge

Pick a song from one of their 12 genres and consider the difficulty level (between 1-3). Then prepare your fingers to press the correct arrow key and start jamming.

The best strategy to win at this game is to anticipate the beats as they rush towards you, keeping the rhythm and pressing the keys at exactly the right time.

What Makes Queen Of Pop So Hard

What makes this game hard is that you not only have to have a keen sense of rhythm, but you need great eye-hand coordination.

Miss a beat by half a second and you will lose a point. If you make more than 3 mistakes, you’re out.

And because unlike Guitar Hero it doesn’t use popular songs that you already know, you’re forced to anticipate what the beat and melody will bring.

4. Millionaire Quiz

Trivia lovers will enjoy this free online game modeled after Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which actually has tough questions.

So many online trivia games are, well, trivial. They’re boring and easy and don’t really present much of a challenge. That’s not the case with this game!

(Okay, a few of the questions are freebies, but unless you’re a trivia buff, you’ll be struggling with at least some of them.)

We love that it has a few easy questions to make us feel smart, hate that it can make us doubt our own intelligence, and love to hate how badly we want to win that $1,000,000.

Basically, it does everything a trivia quiz should do.

Millionaire Quiz: The Challenge

Just like the TV show, there’s a smiling host who asks you questions that become increasingly more difficult as you move up the levels.

First, you need to choose one of 5 themes: technology, sports, music, health, or science.

Starting at $100 and climbing up to $1,000,000, you will get 15 multiple-choice questions with 4 possible answers each. If you get one answer wrong, you’ll fail right out of the game.

You can also use your lifelines if you’re stuck with a question. Choose to ask the audience for help, call a friend, or knock two wrong answers out with the 50/50 option.

You don’t have to take the advice you get, but we suggest keeping these assist options open until you’ve advanced higher up the ranks as you can only use each lifeline once.

What Makes Millionaire Quiz So Hard

Many of the questions in Millionaire Quiz are genuinely hard!

You don’t need to be a genius to answer them, but whether it’s pop culture, technology, the human body, or famous sporting events, you need some actual knowledge about the topic you choose if you want to advance and be a (virtual) millionaire.

Also, read the wording carefully as there are some trick questions that should be easy but are just as easy to get wrong.

5.City Ball Dunkin’

City Ball Dunkin’ is an arcade ball game that challenges your timing and patience.

Though it seems easy, what’s even easier is losing and having to start over.

We love that it’s simple and uses only one key or tap to control the ball, hate how deceptive its complexity is, and love to hate how much we want to keep that little ball in the air.

City Ball Dunkin’: The Challenge

With a single click or tap, you need to keep your basketball in the air without letting it hit the power lines at the top of the screen or the floor, and dunk it through the flying hoops as they pass.

If you miss any of the hoops, your health will decline and your little basketball will risk losing its wings.

This game is really all about timing and calculating the speed and distance of both the ball and the moving hoops.

What Makes City Ball Dunkin’ So Hard

You have to time your clicks at just the right moment so you’re not too high or too low when the hoops pass. If your timing is off by a split second, you’ll miss the hoop and risk dying.

What makes it even harder is the hoops are placed at different angles and heights, and they don’t always move at a steady pace.

As you advance, obstacles will begin to appear, making it even more crucial to maintain control of the ball, so make sure you avoid them.

Bonuses will also pop up and you definitely want to hit those!

Are These The Hardest Games Online?

Which of these games have you tried already? Do you agree with us or have you mastered them all?

In terms of our catalog, we’re convinced these are some of the toughest games available right now on Gamesville.

However, you can certainly find more difficult games out there on the world wide web.

After all, we’re all about free entertainment rather than frustration! Explore these and more free games right here on Gamesville – the perfect place to waste your time.