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Play 3 Tarot Card Reading Online For Free

by Victoria Woods

Jun 14, 2024

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If you’re into the obscure, the spiritual, or the otherworldly, then this fortune-telling game is just for you!

Take these readings with a grain of salt, but there is always something to glean from the tarot cards that can be applied to all our lives.

How To Play 3 Tarot Card Reading

Start by tapping on the Shuffle button as many times as you want.

Once you’re ready, hit Next and watch your tarot reader’s hands spread out the deck, with the music and ambiance making you feel like you’re really there.

You’ll then have to pick 3 random cards– one for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

Each card will be revealed and you can learn about what each of them means.

There are no points or coins or challenges in this game– it’s all about the luck of the draw and the fun of the tarot fortune.

Did You Like 3 Tarot Card Reading?

Honestly, I thought they were kind of freakishly insightful! What did your fortune say?

Let us know by rating the game and leaving a comment.

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