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Drag & Drop: Swap

If you’re looking for a sugary adventure like Candy Crush, then try Candy Blast for free.

Just like its inspiration, this captivating candy-themed grid beckons players of all ages to align shapes and colors across 20 levels of pure enjoyment.

This gem is ideal for those who relish logic puzzles and an addicting and colorful way to waste their time.

Candy Blast: The Basics

Candy Blast is a straightforward shape and color-based matching puzzle game like Candy Crush.

Players are invited to arrange candies on a grid to form rows of three or more identical pieces.

This merging process transforms the candies into different shapes, continually renewing the challenge and keeping the gameplay vibrant and engaging.

How To Play Candy Blast

You can play Candy Blast on your desktop, tablet, or phone. You don’t need to download anything – just play on your browser.

To play, you need to strategically place your candies below others on the grid, adding a layer of strategy and foresight to the gameplay.

The star meter doesn’t reflect performance but rather tracks game progression.

Completing sets of candies fills this meter, with complete filling signaling the clearance of all candies.

This feature not only adds a visual treat but also provides a satisfying sense of progression through the game.

How To Win On Candy Blast

To get the best scores in Candy Blast, you need to have a bit of strategic forethought.

Since candies can only be placed beneath others, each move is critical.

Anticipating the outcomes of merges and planning accordingly is key to efficiently meeting level objectives.

Candy Blast offers an addicting mental exercise that sharpens your strategic thinking while immersing you in a world of colorful candies.

The scoring system is easy to follow. Each set of candies removed earns an impressive 1,000 points.

What makes this more engaging is the cumulative nature of the scoring, with points carrying over from one level to the next, adding a progressive and enduring challenge to each stage of the game.

Candy Blast Strategy

Getting top scores in Candy Blast demands a thoughtful approach to each move.

Players find themselves planning several steps ahead, contemplating the implications of each placement.

This strategic depth is one of the game’s most compelling aspects, appealing to puzzle enthusiasts and casual players alike.

We wholeheartedly recommend Candy Blast to anyone seeking a delightful puzzle challenge.

Don’t miss out on this sweet adventure – give Candy Blast a try today, and explore similar games like Marble Blast for more fun!