Car Park Puzzle

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by Victoria Woods

Jun 17, 2024

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Drag & Drop: Move Car

This simple drag-and-drop puzzle is perfect for car lovers.

The premise is simple: your cool red car is stuck in a parking lot with no way out.

You can play this puzzle game for free on Gamesville, solving different (and increasingly difficult) puzzles on each of the 24 levels.

How To Play Car Park Puzzle

The challenge is to get your car out of the jam in as few moves as possible, which requires foresight, because a single wrong move affects your score.

It’s your job to move the other cars and trucks blocking you in to clear the exit by dragging them into different positions.

Because you can only move the cars backward and forwards –not sideways– you should start with the vehicles blocking the exit and reverse-engineer the problem from there.

To get a hint, click on the lightbulb button.

And because there’s no timer and you’re only playing against your own top score (fewest moves), there’s no pressure. You can just take your time solving each level.

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