Coffee Drip

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by Victoria Woods

Jan 18, 2024

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Drag & Drop: Create a path for coffee to drip into the cup.

Get caffeinated in Coffee Drip, a game that artfully blends the allure of coffee with the fun of puzzle-solving.

This online game, ideal for both coffee lovers and puzzle enthusiasts, turns the simple ritual of brewing coffee into a time-wasting adventure.

Coffee Drip: The Basics

Set within a whimsical coffee shop landscape, Coffee Drip challenges you across 16 distinct levels.

The sound design, with subtle coffee brewing noises, adds an immersive layer to the experience.

This game tasks you with forging a path for coffee to trickle down from the machine’s top to a waiting cup below.

If you like to play puzzle games online, we recommend trying it out. Each level unfolds a new configuration of coffee grounds, keeping the challenge as fresh as the coffee!

How To Play Coffee Drip

The design is so simple, that it almost looks like it was made with Paint. But you will forget the simplicity once you get into the game.

The core objective revolves around meticulously digging through coffee grounds, directing the coffee drops toward their target, and evading a variety of hurdles.

You get extra points for infusing the coffee beans on the way down to the cup.

Coffee Drip Strategy

Coffee Drip encourages problem-solving and strategic thinking, making it a beneficial and enjoyable pastime for both kids and adults.

Infusing the coffee beans gets you extra points but strategizing is key, as players you artfully dodge obstacles such as walls, rotating gears, and unpredictable lava plates.

Completing a level with all coffee beans infused offers an extra layer of accomplishment for those seeking a more rigorous challenge.

Give Coffee Drip a try – it’s the perfect game to unwind with, cup of coffee in hand.

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