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Marble Blast is free a game that blends strategy and excitement in a visually stunning ball chain shooter format.

Inspired by the classic Zuma, Marble Blast offers a unique twist with its intricate gameplay and colorful marbles.

This game is perfect for those who seek to waste their time on and have some colorful fun.

Marble Blast: The Basics

Marble Blast is a free marble shooting game where players aim and shoot marbles at a moving chain to form groups of three or more marbles of the same color.

The goal is to clear all the marbles before they reach the hole at the end of the lane.

With 32 levels spread across 4 engaging chapters, each level offers unique challenges and opportunities to sharpen your skills​​.

How To Play Marble Blast

On desktop, use your mouse to aim and shoot, while on your phone or iPad, a simple tap will send your marble flying in the desired direction.

The top row displays your score, timer, number of marbles fired, and a gear button for pausing the game.

The level number is conveniently placed in the bottom right corner​​.

Marble Blast Strategy

Strategy in Marble Blast involves not just shooting marbles, but also dealing with special marbles.

Some are frozen and require matching with similarly colored marbles to unlock and clear, while others are hidden beneath a gray crust, demanding strategic clearing.

The challenge of this game increases as you ensure the line of marbles doesn’t reach the hole, which results in an instant game over​​.

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