Rainbow Stacker

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by Victoria Woods

Jun 18, 2024

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Tap: Place Tile

This stylish stacking game has a sleek design, pastel colors, and a soundtrack that will make you feel like you’re floating in the sky.

How To Play Rainbow Stacker

Mastering Rainbow Stacker is all about precision.

Tiles will fly into the screen to form a pastel tower, but it’s up to you to decide when to stop the tile so it’ll land squarely on the tower.

The goal is to keep the tower growing as sturdy as possible.

If you don’t time your clicks exactly right, whatever parts of the topmost tile that don’t line up exactly with the rest of the deck will vanish.

Meaning, if you’re not precise, the tower will get increasingly narrower and narrower until there isn’t enough of a base to keep it going.

And you’ll lose.

So you need to be lightning-quick and hyper-focused to click just in time to cover the base of the tower with every new tile.

Challenge yourself to get the highest number of combos (perfect matches in a row) and of tiles on each try.

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