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Drag: Cut the Rope

Set sail on a fairytale quest with Rescue Princess Cut Rope, a free game that weaves a tale of dexterity and wit.

This game, ideal for both children and adults, revolves around liberating a princess trapped by ropes.

Your mission: cut these ropes in a precise sequence and timing, avoiding various perils, to guide her to safety.

Each of the 30 levels presents its own set of challenges, testing both your problem-solving skills and reaction times.

Rescue Princess Cut Rope: The Basics

As her rescuer, your task is to release the princess by strategically cutting the ropes.

This task, however, is far from easy. The game features a myriad of hazards, including spikes, spinning blades, swinging axes, shooting arrows, and more, making each level a unique puzzle.

Rescue Princess Cut Rope is a puzzle game with an intuitive design, with a focus on timing and order of actions, providing an engaging experience for players of all ages.

How To Play Rescue Princess Cut Rope

Use your mouse click or a finger tap to slice through ropes, aiming to swing the princess towards the exit.

Thankfully, the game is responsive and precise, allowing for intricate maneuvers. It’s a test of timing and foresight, as one wrong move can lead the princess into a deadly hazard.

Rescue Princess Cut Rope Strategy

Observe the pattern of hazards and understand the physics of rope swinging to master this game.

You must discern which ropes to cut and in what order to safely guide the princess through each stage.

Some ropes are decoys and can be cut immediately, while others are crucial for navigating past obstacles.

Rescue Princess Cut Rope primarily focuses on puzzle-solving, and the reward lies in the satisfaction of solving increasingly complex puzzles and advancing through the stages.

We highly recommend giving Rescue Princess Cut Rope a try – it’s a novel way to test your puzzle-solving skills.

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