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by Kristina

Jan 18, 2024

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Drag & Drop: Move Blocks

Unblock It is a puzzle game that stands as a beacon of mental stimulation and joy.

With a stellar rating of 4.2 based on over 67,863 votes, this creation is more than just a game—it’s a mental escapade.

Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle aficionado or just looking for a delightful way to pass the time, Unblock It offers a logistical puzzle that will captivate and challenge both your mind and strategic thinking.

Unblock It: The Basics

Unblock It is the epitome of simplicity meeting complexity.

In this free online puzzle game, you’re greeted with a grid filled with wooden blocks, among which lies your target—the colored block.

Your mission is to ingeniously maneuver this block to freedom, which involves sliding the surrounding wooden pieces in a confined space.

The catch? These blocks can only be moved lengthwise, adding a delicious twist to your puzzle-solving endeavors.

How To Play Unblock It

Unblock It has 24 levels, each unlocking sequentially as you solve the logic puzzles.

The game’s interface is user-friendly, allowing players to use their fingers or the mouse to slide the blocks.

Each level ups the ante with a different configuration of blocks, challenging you to devise new strategies.

As you progress, the game transitions from being a casual pastime to a test of your strategic prowess and spatial reasoning.

Having said that, we have to admit that even some of the lower levels start with some difficult puzzles, especially if you’re not used to the mechanics of the game.

How To Win On Unblock It

Winning in Unblock It is like mastering a complex dance.

The puzzles, though seemingly straightforward, are intricately designed to tease your brain and push your logical thinking to its limits.

Your goal? To achieve the objective with minimal moves, thereby maximizing your score and proving your puzzle-solving mettle.

However, you don’t have to get a perfect score to unlock the next level. As long as you manage to unblock the colored block, you will be able to move up.

Unblock It Strategy

The essence of conquering Unblock It lies in your ability to foresee and strategize.

Begin by scanning the grid and identifying the key blockers.

Visualize the end goal and chart a path that leads there with the least resistance.

Be flexible in your approach, as the obvious route might not always be the most efficient.

Embrace the challenge, and let your creativity and logic guide you through this maze of wooden blocks.

If you do get stuck (literally and figuratively), you can use the hint system to help you maneuver the blocks out of your path.

Gamesville Verdict: Is Unblock It A Good Puzzle Game To Play For Free?

Although we found it frustrating at first, we think Unblock It is an exceptional game that combines fun with mental exercise.

Once you get used to the way the blocks can move, it serves as a brain gym where each puzzle serves as a new workout for your grey cells.

More importantly, we think it’s a great game to waste your time on – something we love to provide here at Gamesville!

We highly recommend Unblock It and suggest exploring our other popular puzzle titles like Code Monkey and Sudoku Blocks.