Metaverse Dash Run

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by Kristina

Apr 12, 2024

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Spacebar: Jump

Metaverse Dash Run is set in the virtual realm. It’s an endless runner game with a sprinkle of cryptocurrency charm.

This game, perfect for both children and adults, offers a refreshing twist to the genre.

Whether or not you’re intrigued by the concept of virtual currencies, we’re sure you’ll enjoy wasting your time in the Metaverse here on Gamesville.

Metaverse Dash Run: The Basics

At its core, Metaverse Dash Run is a pixelated endless runner game, where you strive to outrun a purple gorilla.

Your journey is laden with various obstacles, and your success hinges on dodging these hindrances and avoiding a plunge off the platform.

The charm of the game lies in its retro pixel-art style, which adds a nostalgic touch and ensures that any glitches are more quirky features than annoyances.

How To Play Metaverse Dash Run

The gameplay of Metaverse Dash Run is pretty intuitive.

Your character automatically sprints across the screen, and your primary task is to leap over obstacles using either the W key, the up arrow key, or a mouse click.

On touchscreen devices, a simple tap propels your character into the air.

The game’s simplicity is its strength, allowing players of all ages to jump right in without a steep learning curve.

How To Win On Metaverse Dash Run

Victory in Metaverse Dash Run is measured in distance covered and coins collected.

The further you run, and the more coins you gather, the higher your score.

Coins play a crucial role as they can be used to purchase power-up upgrades, enhancing your ability to traverse further distances.

Each power-up, from shields to magnets, offers unique advantages that can significantly alter your run.

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