Risky Train Crossing

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Play Risky Train Crossing Online For Free

by Victoria Woods

Jan 18, 2024

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Arrow Keys: Move

Risky Train Crossing is a pixelated online runner game that rewards strategic planning and timely reflexes.

This endless arcade game challenges you to navigate a cowboy across railway tracks without being overrun by oncoming trains.

It’s a perfect mix of nostalgia and online fun, ideal for those looking for a great game to waste their time on.

Risky Train Crossing: The Basics

Risky Train Crossing is more than just a test of timing; it’s an adventure in risk assessment and quick decision-making.

In this free runner game, you control a hero cowboy, guiding him across dangerous railway tracks.

The key to success lies in impeccable timing, as one wrong step can get your cowboy completely flattened by a train!

How To Play Risky Train Crossing

Use the arrow keys to maneuver your character, with the ability to hop forward, and move left or right.

Cross the train tracks to avoid oncoming trains and move left or right to avoid obstacles. The only direction you can’t go is backward.

You’ll need to hop on a raft to cross the river, and be careful, as you can’t go through trees!

Collect gold coins as you go onward on your journey. Once you have enough gold, you can buy other player characters including animals and Star Wars characters.

Risky Train Crossing Strategy

The best strategy to use when playing Risky Train Crossing is trying to understand the patterns of the trains and developing a rhythm in movement.

Focus on patience and timing, as rushing can often lead to mistakes.

Observing the trains’ speeds and intervals can also provide valuable insights, aiding in safer and more effective crossings.

Its simple yet addictive gameplay, coupled with the excitement of unlocking new characters, makes this game a must-try on Gamesville.

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