Stickman Swing

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by Victoria Woods

Jun 17, 2024

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Tap & Hold: Hang Up
Key Release: Release

In this tap-and-hold game, you’ll be playing a little blue man ready to swing from peg to peg across the screen.

Stickman Swing: The Basics

Your goal is to get him over the finish line by having him swing from one peg to the next without falling.

Your stickman will start with a high jump off a trampoline, giving him enough speed to grab onto one of the higher pegs.

Guide him to the right by clicking on the nearest peg and releasing him at just the right time to swing to the next point.

How To Play Stickman Swing

You need to keep moving in this game or risk your guy losing his momentum and dropping straight to the ground. And no one wants that.

The trick to getting him across safely is to click at just the precise moment so he can grab onto a peg that will swing him as far as possible.

As you unlock more levels, you’ll be able to change your man’s skin. There are over 60 levels available and nearly endless fun in this free-to-play runner game!

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