Stupid Zombies

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by Victoria Woods

Jan 26, 2024

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Drag & Drop: Aim & Shoot

Vanquish the undead in Stupid Zombies, a shooting game where you have to beware of zombies as well as stray bullets!

This game is set in a region plagued by a zombie infestation. Unlike your typical adversaries, these zombies are not the sharpest tools in the shed. In fact, they’re mostly just loitering around.

However, don’t let their lackadaisical demeanor deceive you; overcoming these brainless ghouls is a thrilling challenge due to your limited ammunition.

Stupid Zombies: The Basics

Stupid Zombies is more than just a mindless shooting spree. Players are thrust into an environment where every shot counts.

With a scarcity of ammo, you’ll find yourself strategizing each move, turning to ingenious methods to use your resources.

The game becomes a puzzle, where crates, explosive barrels, and the very walls can become allies in your quest.

Your bullets have the unique ability to ricochet, turning each level into a fascinating physics problem.

How To Play Stupid Zombies

Mastering Stupid Zombies requires finesse and a good shot.

The game controls are straightforward: use the mouse to aim and a simple left click to unleash your bullet.

However, the simplicity of controls belies the complexity of the challenges ahead.

Each level demands careful planning and an eye for exploiting the environment to your advantage.

Stupid Zombies Strategy

You do have to be a bit strategic with your limited ammunition.

You must consider the trajectory of each shot and how it can trigger a chain reaction, maximizing the impact of each bullet.

This strategic element elevates the game from a mere online shooter game to a cerebral adventure, where each level presents a unique puzzle.

As you delve deeper into Stupid Zombies, you’ll encounter opportunities to collect daily bonuses and better ammunition.

Even though we wouldn’t normally encourage you to dive head-first into a hoard of zombies, we absolutely recommend this game!

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