Cat Wizard Defense

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by Victoria Woods

Jun 17, 2024

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Tap: Select Cat Wizard
Hold & Drag: Place Cat Wizard

Adorable cat wizards star in this addictive hold-and-drag game that tasks you with fighting and defeating the rows of slime balls marching along a path that intersects a field.

This cute game is simple but fun, and with 18 different levels, it’s a great choice if you want to waste some time playing free strategy games online!

How To Play Cat Wizard Defense

To start, drag your characters one by one onto the green tiles to summon the cat wizards, who will do the actual fighting.

Different cats have different powers, so be thoughtful about which cats you place at the start.

The wave progress bar tracks the incoming enemy, and you can check your health and energy in the bars next to it.

Your strategy is to place your cat wizards in the best position to destroy as many of the slimes as possible. Once the slimes are close enough, your cat will start shooting at them.

But beware! Some slimes are more resistant to cat spells than others and will need to be hit multiple times.

Good thing you can place multiple cats all around the path because you’ll definitely need them!

To place a new cat on the field, you’ll have to wait for your energy bar to be full.

You get energy points by destroying the slime balls, but be careful because your health deteriorates if any slimes make it out of the field alive.

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