Clash Of Vikings

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Play Clash Of Vikings Online For Free

by Victoria Woods

Jun 14, 2024

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Drag & Drop: Select and Place Hero

Clash of Vikings is a strategy game with cute and deadly cartoon Vikings.

And it’s available for free right here on Gamesville.

Clash Of Vikings: The Basics

The goal of this free strategy game is to destroy the enemy on the opposite end of a field before the 3-minute timer ends.

To do this, you will need to send your troops across the two bridges that separate your army and theirs and destroy their two towers with brute force.

But they have the exact same goal, so you need to find a balance between defense and offense.

How To Play Clash Of Vikings

To start, drag a warrior from the panel at the bottom of the screen onto the field. You can set him on your side to fight the attacking soldiers or on the bridge to capture the tower.

Get to know your warriors, as each has different strengths and weaknesses.

Whoever he is, he will be instantly attacked with arrows and cannon balls, but they’re good and will keep advancing until they drop.

And when they die, they go back to the battle deck to recharge and fight again.

Each warrior’s health bar will let you know when they’re about to drop, and their faces on the deck will regain their color when the warriors are ready to go back out on the field.

While your men fight the enemy and attack their towers, use the weapons at your disposal to defend your troops.

You can find a fireball and arrows in the battle deck along with your convalescing warriors, and much like the soldiers, the weapons also need time to recharge so be tactful.

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