Our Favorite Online Games To Waste Your Time On Gamesville

by Laura Restrepo Ortega
Apr 26, 2024

Since 1996, we’ve been working hard at Gamesville to waste your time with the best free online games.

And we take our mandate seriously!

Time is precious and we think you should be able to do what you want with it. And if wasting your time by playing free online games is your thing, then you’re on the right website.

Forget about “guilty pleasures” and enjoy our fun time-wasting games, available for free no download, no registration.

Whether you’re taking a break from a demanding task, waiting your turn in the doctor’s office, or enjoying a weekend on the couch, wasting time is sometimes essential for our mental well-being.

So log out of social media, stop doomscrolling, and discover your new favorite online game instead.

Below, check out my go-to free games in each category when I want to pass the time right here on Gamesville.

Visual representation of people wasting their time on Gamesville Games

Best Time-Wasting Arcade Games

Arcade games blew up in the 1970s and ‘80s, changing gaming as the world knew it.

From Pong to Pac-Man, Space Invaders to Street Fighter, arcade video games revolutionized the industry before home consoles became widely available.

And even today, with technological advancements that have made much more complex games possible, arcade games are still popular for their simplicity and endless fun.

Below are my top 3 arcade games to waste your time on Gamesville.

Space Alien Invaders

Inspired by the original Space Invaders, this old-school arcade game has a simple premise: kill the aliens before they kill you.

With only three controls –right, left, and shoot– Space Alien Invaders is all about fun and firepower as the aliens get closer and closer.

And take a shot at the UFOs flying above the aliens for extra points!

Your main goal is to go on the offensive and kill the aliens as quickly as possible, but don’t forget your defense or your strategy.

Every column of aliens you destroy turns into a safe zone for you to hide and a corridor to shoot the UFOs, but don’t let the bottom row of aliens get too close or it’s game over, and you only have 3 lives.

With pixelated retro graphics and funky arcade music, this game is a fun way to kill both aliens and time.

Pinball World Cup

For sports fans and those of us who love classic pinball machines, this game is a perfect time-killer.

Let the music transport you to the soccer stadium as you try to score as many goals as you can just move the paddles left and right.

Pinball World Cup gets increasingly more challenging as you shoot your way through the levels as a goalie and defense players will start to pop up, blocking your shots if you let them, or bouncing them straight into the net if you’re lucky (and know what you’re doing).

The groans and cheers coming from the crowd will motivate you as you work your way up to 10 goals per level as quickly as possible.

Hone your skills and kill some time with this exciting pinball soccer game.

Fruit Slice Frenzy

Go ninja-wild with this fun slicing game like Fruit Ninja as you make yourself a virtual fruit smoothie.

Slice and dice a cocktail of tropical fruits like kiwis, bananas, pineapples, oranges, coconuts, apples, cherries, and more to pop in your blender.

But it’s not that simple! There are pesky bombs mixed in there that look suspiciously like blueberries and which you have to avoid at all costs if you want to stay alive.

You need to be strategic with your strikes and slice as many fruits as possible with each move to get even more points, as slicing combos are worth more than single fruits.

You can go crazy when you’re in frenzy mode, as there are no bombs to worry about and plenty of fruits to cut up.

When you enter boss mode, slice the stubborn, bouncing fruit as quickly as possible.

If it seems a bit silly, that’s because it is, and it’s exactly why I love to kill time playing it!

It offers endless, mindless, fruity fun with cool sound effects to go along with it. Trust me, slicing fruit has never been this entertaining!

Best Time-Wasting Word Puzzles

If you want to kill time but not brain cells, you should try my favorite word puzzles on Gamesville.

These word games will make you work out your mind while wasting your time, so you won’t feel guilty about kicking back and unplugging from the rest of the world.

So go check out my 3 favorite word puzzles on Gamesville.

OMG Word Professor

OMG Word Professor is more challenging than it seems.

Basically, you have to connect letter tiles to make words. Simple, right?

It is, at first, when you’re making a single four-letter word per puzzle.

But then you have to make more words within the same puzzle. For example, putting together 3 three-letter words, or one four-letter and one five-letter word.

Suddenly, it’s not so simple.

You can get hints but they’ll cost you points, and you have to find the right words to move onto the next level.

Sure, some puzzles are easy –let’s call them freebies– but this is one game that will challenge your vocabulary skills while keeping you entertained.


Modeled after the global hit Wordle, Worlder challenges your language skills by having you guess a five-letter word in 6 tries or less.

With no hints to guide you except a color-coded key that signals which letters are wrong, which are right, and which are in the wrong spot, you have to scour your brain for the correct word if you want to win this game.

Take measured chances each turn by avoiding letters you already know aren’t in play, and consider language patterns to make educated guesses.

Find the right word in as few guesses as probably to get the highest score!

And the best part is, Gamesville’s free version of Wordle can be played over and over again without having to wait hours for the next puzzle, so you can waste as much time as your heart desires.

If you think you’ve got a solid grasp on the English language, put on your thinking cap and dive into this fun and challenging word game.

Word Finder Pro

This simple, classic word jumble is a great game to distract yourself without shutting your brain off entirely.

In each puzzle, you’ll need to find 15 words that are mixed in with random letters on a grid.

Search for them horizontally or vertically, backwards and forwards, and try to do it as quickly as possible because you’re on a timer!

Word Finder Pro isn’t as difficult as the other two word puzzles, so to make it a bit harder I try to find as many words as I can without looking at the list.

And I can keep playing over and over, getting a new set of words each time I hit replay, offering truly endless fun.

Best Time-Wasting Strategy Games

If word puzzles aren’t your thing but you still want to challenge your intellect, try out these strategy games.

You need an opponent to play the traditional versions of these classic table games, but on Gamesville, you can go head-to-head against a virtual player.

Work your strategic skills and let yourself get caught up in the fun of these 3 time-wasting strategy games.


Ancient civilizations knew what they were doing when they came up with backgammon thousands of years ago.

This classic table game is a perfect way to waste your time, and better still, there’s no need to set up the board and checkers to enjoy it. You don’t even need an opponent!

Just hit play and start moving your 15 checkers around with each throw of the dice.

Your goal is to get them off the board before your opponent does.

Strike a balance between putting your opponent’s checkers in jail and keeping yours out of it as you race to the finish.

Combining luck and skill, this gripping game is a great time-waster.

EZ Mahjong

Another classic that evokes the image of a group of old ladies playing for hours on end, Gamesville’s EZ Mahjong lets you play the centuries-old Chinese game on your own.

Select matching tiles to gain points and clear the board, and use the undo button if you make a mistake. But keep in mind points will be deducted each time you use it!

As you progress through the levels, more tiles will appear on the board, making it extra challenging every time.

With plenty of lookalike tiles on the board and a timer counting the seconds, this game requires some concentration and strategy.

Battleships Ready Go!

Though not as old as backgammon or mahjong, this version of the hit table game Battleships has been around for decades.

Just like the classic, you’ll take turns playing against a virtual opponent and blindly blast their ships while crossing your fingers that they won’t sink yours first.

Will your bombs hit enemy ships or nothing but deep blue sea?

With a combination of strategy and luck, you might just win this naval war!

Best Time-Wasting Racing Games

If you want something a bit more stimulating, with more energy, and more adrenaline, these 3 racing games have it all.

Starring funky characters driving fast cars on challenging tracks, these games transport me to simpler times.

They demand your full focus, keeping you glued to your screen.

Not only are they nostalgic, reminiscent of ‘90s computer games and the first driving games that came out on home consoles, they’ll also give you a bit of a dopamine boost.

Dangerous Road

This has to be one of my favorite racing games on Gamesville.

Why? Because you get to race a hot dog cart on a slippery, elevated, winding road full of potholes, puddles, and ice patches that’s constantly struck by lightning storms and strong winds.

It’s harder than it might seem at first but you are driving a hot dog in Dangerous Road, after all.

Drift and navigate tight turns and unexpected obstacles while you try not to drive your hot dog off the road and into the abyss.

But when you do (and you will), you can start over and over, hopefully making it further on each try.

I’m still holding on to the hope that I’ll actually reach the end of the road someday!

Until then, I’ll enjoy the challenge of this unlikely racing game.

Rally Champion

This game definitely takes me back!

The simple graphics and beat-up old car make Rally Champion a must for racing enthusiasts.

Drift your way to #1 as you overtake your opponents through multiple forest trails, and make sure you hit the booster symbols on the track to get ahead.

There’s no way to accelerate without hitting the boosters, adding an extra challenge as all the cars have the same maximum speed.

Use the curves to your advantage and do your best to stay on-road to avoid losing momentum as you speed your way to the finish line.

Kart Racing Pro

Don’t be fooled by the cute little bear driver– Kart Racing Pro is a racing game that requires some skill and precision to win!

As crowds of teddies cheer you on from the sidelines, you need to drive your cart into the fuel cans floating above the road and hit the booster symbols to survive this race.

This cart burns fuel like no other and I can’t count how many times I’ve run out of gas before making it to the end of the track. (Okay, every single time. I always run out of fuel because my driving skills need honing.)

Keep one eye on the fuel gauge and another on your opponents, who are trying just as hard to hit the boosters and get ahead.

Are These The Best Online Games To Waste Your Time On?

I definitely think so! Do you agree?

If you’ve got some time to kill, indulge in these awesome games to pass the time. Have you played all the games listed above? If not, what are you waiting for?

From Candy Crush to Roblox, there are plenty of free-to-play sites and apps that have iconic time-wasting games.

However, we think you should stick with us since we offer all our games for free, no download or registration – and you never have to purchase coins or credits to keep playing!

If there’s some work, chores, or responsibilities you’re looking to avoid, or if you’ve crossed everything off your to-do list and are ready to chill out, there’s no better place to waste your time than Gamesville.