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Free Online Trivia Games

by Victoria Woods

Mar 1 2024

Who doesn’t love a good trivia game? 

Trivia is a fun way to use your mobile device to waste time when you are bored and looking for something fun to do. 

At Gamesville, the site offers a wide selection of games, including trivia options. 

Easily play trivia quizzes in various genres or practice your thinking skills with brain teasers. 

Please read through our guide below to learn more about this game category at Gamesville. 

Get started playing for free by visiting the platform on your mobile or desktop device. 

What We Like About Playing Free Trivia Games

  • Expand your brain power with trivia and teasers. 
  • Enjoy testing your knowledge and earning badges from gameplay. 
  • Explore any game you like free of charge. 
  • Play any time from your mobile device. 

What We Don’t Like Playing Free Trivia Games

  • Games do not offer real prizes. 
  • Some trivia themes may have difficult questions. 

Top Free Trivia Games Online

Trivia games come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, they are one of the most popular types of games on!

You can find trivia games on various topics and brain teasers to test your skills and know-how. 

Free online gaming sites often provide various trivia games and brain teasers to give members fun options for entertainment. 

Check out a few categories below to see what type of trivia titles you can find online. 

Free Trivia Quizzes

Trivia quizzes feature questions about various topics to test your knowledge on several subjects. 

If you are a foodie, look for quizzes on food items. 

If you enjoy history or science, look for more educational-based quizzes. 

There are options for music, sports, drinks, geography, and many more topics available online. 

One of the more popular titles featured at Gamesville is Don’t Jeopardize This

The game is similar to the popular television show Jeopardy and tests your knowledge on a variety of topics. 

It’s a great title to start with to learn how trivia and quizzes work. 

Free Brain Teasers

If you want to test your know-how, choose brain teasers when picking your next game to play. 

Brain teasers are a bit different from quizzes as they use a little trickery to make you think before you answer. 

Brain teasers can include riddles or trick trivia to try and make you pick the wrong answer. 

This game type is a great way to test your brain power and work the muscles. 

Many people play brain teasers to maintain thinking power, and improve spatial and critical thinking skills. 

Can You Play Free Trivia Games On Mobile Apps

You can easily play trivia games like Guess The USA State for free on mobile apps via Gamesville. 

The platform features mobile gaming on iOS and Android devices. 

It takes minutes to download and install the app, and soon, you will be playing fun trivia games and brain teasers. 

Mobile apps allow you to play on the go or from any room in your home. 

Mobile gaming is the most popular format for players, allowing for convenience and ease of use. 

Top App Features Include: 

  • Play trivia games from anywhere. 
  • Earn badges as you practice your thinking skills. 
  • Test your brain power with a variety of quizzes and teasers. 

Sign Up Bonuses For Trivia Games Players

Gamesville does not include a signup bonus for new players. 

Trivia and brain teasers are free to play and do not require any coins or funds to play. 

As you explore the quizzes at the site, you can earn GV reward points from the game outcome.

 Convert the GV reward points for badges and in-game prizes.