Family Clash

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by Victoria Woods

Jan 25, 2024

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Family Clash is a single-player game echoing the spirit of the iconic game show, Family Feud.

In this fun game, players are challenged to identify top survey answers, navigating through rounds with increasing points to amplify their score.

Perfect for trivia enthusiasts and those seeking some quick thinking, Family Clash offers a refreshing twist on familiar gameplay.

Family Clash: The Basics

Family Clash is a free game that brings the essence of Family Feud to your screen.

Though it might evoke images of family squabbles, it’s a solo adventure where your wit is your best ally.

This online trivia game spans four rounds, each presenting survey questions.

Your task? Name the top 5 answers. But fear not, guessing just one correct answer propels you to the next challenge.

How To Play Family Clash

The game begins with a simple click on the play button. Adjust your experience by toggling between full-screen and windowed modes or managing the audio settings.

Whether on a desktop or a touchscreen device, your answers are just a few keystrokes away.

Keep an eye on the top center for questions and the top right corner for the pause button.

Remember, time is of the essence – 30 seconds per question to be precise!

Family Clash Strategy

Strategy in Family Clash lies in quick thinking and broad knowledge.

Each round demands at least one correct answer from the top 5 survey responses.

Incorrect guesses or a lapse in answering within the 30-second window counts as a strike, and three strikes end your round.

The Fast Round is a sprint of wit – type any answer that comes to mind and score if it’s on the survey.

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