Word Holiday

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by Victoria Woods

Jun 17, 2024

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Tap: Select Letter
Hold & Drag: Connect Letters

Word Holiday is simple word puzzle tasks players with making multiple words out of just a few letters.

You can play this free word swipe game online on Gamesville with no registration or app downloads necessary.

Word Holiday: The Basics

Think of it like Scrabble meets a crossword puzzle meets the New York Times’ Spelling Bee.

As you move through the 20 levels of this free word game, you’ll play over backdrops of iconic places around the world and the puzzles will get increasingly harder.

How To Play Word Holiday

In the first level, you start with just 3 letters and 2 words, but the puzzles will get more complex as you’re presented with more letters and more words to solve.

To play, you just have to connect the letters in the small circle at the bottom to make a word. Each letter can only be used once in each word.

If you guess the word correctly, it will be automatically put in the crossword puzzle above.

You’ll also be awarded coins for every word you successfully complete.

You can then use these coins to buy hints. Just press the lightbulb at the right edge of the screen and it will reveal a single letter in the puzzle.

Keep your eye on the timer at the top, which slides to the left as the seconds run out.

And, if you’re feeling blocked, shuffle the letters in the circle by hitting the small orange button to the right.

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