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Free Online Fish Games

by Milena Petrovska

May 24 2024

Free online fish games are exciting to play because they require your full attention at all times and provide the opportunity to reel in a big catch.

Fish table games are widely available at Sweepstakes Casinos, where you can catch some delicious prizes, or you can try them out here at Gamesville for free!

These games aren’t simple or autonomous like slots or slow like table games. The shooting action starts immediately, and you will need to keep up.

So, let us get into the different types of these games, where to find them, and how to play them.

What We Like About Playing Free Fish Games Online

  • Unusual gameplay
  • Fast-paced action from start to finish
  • Great prize multipliers
  • Lots of prizes available so you can play longer
  • Shooting element

What We Don’t Like Playing Free Fish Games Online

  • Easy to lose track of time and spending
  • Demands lots of input from the player
  • Sometimes confusing to understand the prizes

Top Fish Games Online

Even though all online fish games follow the same concept, there are several subcategories to know.

We have classified and explained the most popular ones in the next sections.

Learn more about each of them to find the right type for your playing style.

Fish Table Games

Fish table games are actually land-based products that are multi-player shooting games, where each player sitting around the table has a controller.

In these games, the middle of the table has a huge screen that depicts the sea creatures in the active play area.

All the participating players use their controllers to shoot the fish and collect points.

This concept has moved online but without the actual table.

As for the gameplay, it’s identical and involves one or more players shooting fish.

Any of the fish games we have on Gamesville can easily belong in this category, but Fishing Paradise is perhaps the best example.

Fish Shooting Games

Our free fish games, Fishing Paradise, Chill Fishing, and Longya Fishing all have one thing in common (okay, two if we count the fish), and that’s shooting.

Shooting fish games are prevalent on the market as they’re popular with players!

Even though most players would expect to go fishing with fishing rods, these online games have chosen a more violent approach.

You have a gun, and every bullet is actually a bet that decreases your starting balance.

These games are entertaining, fast-paced, and involve some decision-making because you choose which fish to shoot.

Themed Fishing Games

Most games in this category have a loose Asian theme, although some exist with different themes, too.

While the gameplay is normally the same, the visuals, soundtrack, and sound effects are spiced up.

Such an example is Thunder Fishing, which rocks a Greek mythology theme whose creatures include Greek gods, relics, etc.

We’ve also seen similar releases with candy and fantasy themes.

Fish Gambling Games

You can play these games for free, but those of you hoping for real cash prizes must try fish gambling games.

These have the same gameplay we explained so far, but the bullets are powered by your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins bets.

You spend the coins when shooting and win coins when destroying sea creatures.

Various sea creatures usually award prizes based on the paytable. Some smaller fish may have 2x multipliers, and the bigger ones have 15x, 20x, or even more.

You don’t normally find these games at real money online casinos, but Sweepstakes Casinos often feature several these games on their menus.

For instance, Funrize Casino has Fishing Kingdom Remastered and Thunder Fishing as top picks.

Fish Games Vs. Fishing Slots

Fish table games and fishing slots are not quite the same, although they do have a lot of similarities.

AspectFish GamesFish Slots
Game typeCasualOnline slot
Outcome100% random100% random
Winning conditionShoot at fish with hidden multipliersLand winning combos on active paylines
Special featuresYesYes
Skill necessaryNoNo
OutcomesRNG generatedRNG generated
Engagement levelVery highMedium
CompetitiveSome games offer multiplier modeOnly through slot tournaments and slot races

Fish games like the ones covered on this page follow the concept of shooting moving objects.

In most cases, the objects are fish, and the action happens underwater.

Every fish or sea creature has its prize multiplier, based on which you get paid a prize if you manage to destroy the creature.

Beware that even though the fish on the screen have multipliers, their appearance is random, just like in slots.

In this sense, fish games can be misleading because players are given the impression that they affect the outcome.

That’s not true, and even though you are shooting fish, the result isn’t affected by your actions in any way.

You definitely control the shooting gun, but the algorithm in the background controls the final result of every gaming session.

That your skill affects the gameplay is just an illusion.

Fishing slots also use Random Number Generators but you have no involvement in the gameplay aside from spinning the reels.

An example everyone will surely recognize is Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass Bonanza or WMS’s Gold Fish. These are two of the most-played fish slots in the US!

Can You Play Free Fish Games On Mobile Apps?

Yes, absolutely. You can play free fish games on mobile apps and find both Android and iPhone (iOS) applications.

Considering the active gameplay of these games, playing on mobile apps makes more sense.

You can often shoot at targets by tapping on them, getting a more engaging experience.

Here are some of the main reasons for choosing mobile apps over desktop play.

  • Engaging – You play by hitting the target, so everything feels more intuitive compared to clicking on your mouse.
  • Same features and prizes – You’re not making any compromises if playing through a native app because all prizes and features are the same.
  • Offline access – Mobile apps work offline as well as online.

We don’t have native mobile apps for our platform Gamesville.

However, you can still play through your smartphone and tablet by visiting our mobile-friendly website.

You can play all Gamesville games for free, no download and no registration.

Sign Up Bonuses For Fish Games

Our readers will surely love the fact they can play fish games for free right here on Gamesville.

Those hoping to reel in some cash prizes can try their luck on Sweepstakes Casinos that offer such games.

To claim a signup bonus from a Sweepstakes Casino, you need to register.

Sometimes, the operator will require that you verify your email, phone, and identity before granting you the full offer.

Funrize Casino is a great example that has a no deposit bonus and fishing games.

Other options include:

  • Fortune Wheelz
  • Zula Casino
  • Fortune Coins
  • NoLimitCoins
  • Sportzino

Get free GC and SC from the welcome promotion in your balance and use it to try out the fish games. 

Normally, you can redeem your SC after you play it through just once.