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Carnival Critters

Join the critters from the carnival on the reels of this fun, old-fashioned slot game.

The title features a classic wooden reel set with various fruit icons.

Set the number of paylines you wish to play per round with the up and down arrows and select your bet amount.

Press spin or pull the lever in classic style to play. There are extra features that jazz up gameplay, including Team Battle, Spin-O-Matic, and Reel Slot Shots.

Try for the Daily Spin win, and you earn extra rewards!

What We Like About Playing Carnival Critters

What We Don’t Like About Playing Carnival Critters

Would We Play Carnival Critters At Gamesville?

Carnival Critters is a fun alternative to traditional slots, and we would certainly give it a spin.

You can play the game at your own pace, with options to set your bet amount.

We particularly like the extra features that can trigger even more wins as you play.

Is There A Signup Bonus For Carnival Critters?

Carnival Critters does not offer a signup bonus for new members of Gamesville.

You do have the opportunity to win GV Rewards as you play online games.

You can easily play for as long as you like and earn rewards from winning paylines and extra features.

Does Carnival Critters Play For Real Money?

This game does not play for real money as Gamesville is not an online casino site.

You can win GV Rewards, which help you to achieve badges to display on your game account.

What Is The Secret To Winning Carnival Critters?

Carnival Critters is a slot game, so there is no strategy to help you earn a win, but there are steps you can take to increase your win potential.

We will list a few suggestions below you can implement to enjoy a better overall experience.

Can You Play Carnival Critters On Mobile Apps?

You can play this game on a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Download the app in seconds and start playing right away. The mobile option allows you to take your gaming anywhere.

Use a smartphone or tablet to download the application to begin.

Top App Features Include: