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Drag & Drop: Add Blocks to Grid

Sudoku Blocks is a unique fusion of classic Sudoku and block puzzle elements, delivering an absorbing experience on

If you’re seeking an intellectual challenge without the pressure of a timer, this game is for you.

Think Tetris but in a much more serene environment; perfect for you to waste your time!

Sudoku Blocks: The Basics

At its heart, Sudoku Blocks is a strategic online sudoku game that demands a bit of thinking.

The game begins with a blank board, inviting you to place the wooden blocks in a manner that forms a continuous line from one edge to another.

Initially straightforward, the game gradually increases in complexity as the board fills up, challenging you to adapt your strategy on the fly.

How To Play Sudoku Blocks

Use the left mouse button (or finger on mobile devices) to select and place wooden blocks on the board.

The goal is to create straight lines, horizontally or vertically, which then clear from the board, freeing up space for new pieces.

Each block that doesn’t clear a line adds to the puzzle’s complexity, making each decision crucial.

Sudoku Blocks Strategy

Success in Sudoku Blocks hinges on anticipatory planning and spatial reasoning.

Players must not only focus on the immediate move but also consider how it impacts future possibilities.

The key lies in balancing the need to clear lines promptly while keeping options open for upcoming pieces.

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