Yatzy Cash No Deposit Bonus Code

by Milena Petrovska

Apr 17, 2024


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Would you like some unique and competitive Yahtzee fun?

If so, download the Yatzy Cash app, go through the tutorial, and get the no deposit bonus right away.

This game is powered by the Skillz platform. So, its free welcome bonus isn’t what you typically get at Sweepstakes casinos.

The free Z coins you receive after the tutorial allow you to keep playing but the cash prizes are an entirely different story.

That’s why our readers prefer playing Yatzy for free on Gamesville or playing actual Sweepstakes dice games on Stake.us, where you can easily withdraw your SC winnings for real money.

Either way, we’re here to share all our insights on the Yatzy Cash no deposit bonus and its main traits.

Win Real Money On Yatzy Cash

Real-world prizes are the main promise of all Skillz platform apps.

Since Yatzy Cash is part of that portfolio, it’s possible to play and win real rewards through the app.

However, our readers should know that cash matches are possible only if you pay the respective entry price.

Basically, you upload money to get bonus cash and then pay to enter cash matches.

If you beat your opponents or end up first in tournaments, you’ll win corresponding cash prizes.

These are the only rewards you can withdraw from Yatzy Cash.

How To Play Yatzy Cash For Free

Yatzy Cash is a mobile app that you can download to your iOS or Android mobile device.

You can browse for it directly through the appropriate app store or scan a QR code on the Skillz website.

Here’s how getting started goes:

  1. Open your app store and browse for Yatzy Cash.
  2. Access the application’s landing page and download it.
  3. Find the app thumbnail on your mobile device and initiate it.
  4. Go through the initial steps and adjust your generic profile if you want.
  5. Complete the tutorial and play one introductory game.
  6. Get free Z coins and choose your next adventure.

As for the gameplay, it has 13 rounds you must complete by rolling and selecting dice to keep three times.

The game has a special multiplier, which lands on specific fields and doubles the points if you complete them.

Every move earns you points, and the winner is the player with the highest score.

Games Like Yatzy Cash On Gamesville

If you like Yatzy Cash, we think you’ll enjoy our free Yatzy game on Gamesville.

We’re proud to say that our variant has much better graphics and visual effects.

You play against the system and can’t compete against other players, but you barely notice the difference.

Also, the special multiplier found on Yatzy Cash isn’t a thing here because our variant is closer to the real deal.

Yatzy on Gamesville comes with actual rolling dice, proper sound effects, and a score sheet resembling an actual piece of paper.

It really feels like you’re playing Yahtzee at home with your family.

In both games, you can complete fields in any order you like. You don’t have to follow any specific steps, like going from 1 to 6, for example.

What Players Have To Say About Yatzy Cash

We’re always surprised to see lots of positive reviews about all Skillz-powered games because the Skillz platform has terrible ratings.

In the case of Yatzy Cash, we’ve discovered an average Apple App Store score of 4.8 stars. On the Google Play Store, the average score was 4.5 stars.

Skillz has only 1.4 stars on Trustpilot and all kinds of complaints from players, including ones regarding failed withdrawals and rude support.

These serious claims calling Skillz a fraud are among the reasons we recommend you stay away from the service.

Playing at a trusted brand like Stake.us is much better than Skillz. Their original games include dice games that you can bet on, and it’s much easier to withdraw your winnings.

How To Get More Free Money On Yatzy Cash

You can’t really get free money on Yatzy Cash because that kind of coin is won through gameplay or received through purchases.

Skillz gives free Z coins and tickets to regular players, but those let you play the game.

You can’t win cash prizes with such coins because cash gameplay requires that you pay cash entry fees.

That’s why we consider Gamesville the superior option for Yahtzee players who want some hassle-free entertainment.

You don’t have to bother with profiles or tracking how many coins you have. You start the game and enjoy it.

As for redeeming actual cash prizes, your best alternative is Sweepstakes casinos.

Those platforms don’t offer Yahtzee, and that’s something to keep in mind, but they do have similar dice and card games.