Snake Blockade

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Play Snake Blockade Online For Free

by Victoria Woods

Jan 18, 2024

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Drag & Drop: Move

Snake Blockade is a mentally challenging puzzle game that demands strategic prowess and critical thinking.

In Snake Blockade, you need to guide a snake to its destination by adeptly maneuvering blocks to forge a path.

This game requires quick reflexes and a blend of foresight and tactical planning.

Try it out – you’ll see that it’s a delightful mental exercise for puzzle enthusiasts.

Snake Blockade: The Basics

At its core, Snake Blockade is a free online runner game, but it’s also an innovative puzzle experience.

The game operates on a straightforward principle: move blocks to create a pathway for the automatically advancing snake.

However, this simple concept belies the depth and complexity of the challenges you’ll face.

How To Play Snake Blockade

Playing Snake Blockade is not easy, and mastering it is an art. Guide the snake through an evolving labyrinth of obstacles.

You need to continuously add more sections to your snake, while the unavoidable obstacles will remove them.

Obstacles have numbers on them, indicating the number of sections that they will remove from your snake.

End up with no sections on your snake, and you’ll lose the game!

Snake Blockade Strategy

As the levels escalate, so does the challenge.

Locked and moving blocks add layers of complexity, compelling players to think several steps ahead.

The quick math element of Snake Blockade transforms it from a casual game into a cerebral conquest.

We highly recommend giving it a try and also exploring other free games like Mine Sweeper.